Coming together to increase business!

Earlier this year someone posted a thread regarding them making a deal with a local sunroom dealer to clean the glass of their products under an arrangement between the two parties. After I read that particular thread I pursued a company near me under the same path of thinking. Initially they balked, but about a month or so ago they came to me and we have been hammering out details every since.

Our deal will be that he will include my company name, telephone # & website on his various advertising as a part of him offering his customers my services twice in the same year after the installation of the glass. He will cover the cost of me doing the work (at mildly discounted prices) by paying me directly and adding a small additional to the costs of the windows extended to the buyer. I will then clean those windows six months after they are installed and then again 6 months after that. And I will attempt to secure a customer for the future in the process. I will link with his company on my website and also offer his companies services on any advertising I do. (Small logo with “preferred provider” etc.)

I told this guy that owns the window/sunrooms/siding company that I cannot take credit for the original idea as it was posted on a forum I take part in for window cleaning. After hashing through most of the details we came to a road block on a couple of areas that need to be worked out. I am hoping whomever posted that thread will come forward so I can call you to find out how your particular agreement was layed out if you are willing to offer that.

Additionally, if there are others that have had similar agreements drawn up with companies in an effort to be “different” during tough times, I would appreciate any advice or suggestions that any of you may have. I really want to get this thing closed up before the next year because I am confident it will be beneficial for both parties. My attorney has looked things over and agrees.

Dwight Rowe
Jencor Services, LLC
Severn, MD 21144

I’m affraid that i won’t be of any help, but will be watching this closely since I believe is an interesting strategy. Please post to keep us informed.

Good luck !