Commercial 3 Story - Pricing help

Hey Guys, I was hoping to get some advise on [B]pricing[/B] a good sized job. It’s a commercial building in a business park, 3 story (35’ aprox), 816 mostly 5x5 panels, exterior only. I want to be super aggressive to win the business, but not shoot my self in the foot :slight_smile: oh … I don’t have WFP and was planning on renting a scissor lift for 110/day. How much per panel?? Thanks for the help!

I would plan on cleaning all of the panels that need the scissor lift first then get that sucker back to the rental company as soon as feasible, then do the rest as you normally would. Charge for the lift time so you are not eating that, then what ever per panel that your area handles. Never charge out of your own pocket. Get what the job is worth. 816 dirty panels are 816 panels of work. If they scoff at your price ask what they have budgeted for the job and you’ll know if it’s the job for you.

I’m not sure the best price per panel I should charge this is a large job and don’t want to lose the bid. Can you give me a ballpark?

When were they last cleaned? Are they looking for multiple cleanings?

They are cleaned quarterly. Yes, they would like to continue the same cleaning schedule.

You should base your price off time. How long will it take you to do the job? charge your hourly rate then add the lift expenses.

$3, 1st flr, $4 2nd flr, $5 3rd flr.

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Diamond Ridge- why so low? Am I the only one in Florida that charges $10 a pane for exterior? Note that I’ve never lost the job I’m bidding, it’s about what your time is worth

Thanks… That helps a ton. I was [B]way way[/B] under bidding. You guys are window washing [I]Rock Stars[/I]!!

10$ for ext on a commercial job? One minute I hear Floridians complaining about low prices, now you can get 8k for 2 days of WFP work. Must be a lot different pricing depending on where you are down there.

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IMO, ditch the scissor lift idea. Use the same charge you would have included for the lift to buy a WFP and a filtration system. If you plan on doing this account quarterly it’s the ONLY way to go! Besides, you are getting a free system out of it!!!

First of all, it’s not “so low.” This pricing would probably produce a bid of around $3,200. Not bad for a building that is maintained quarterly, and can probably be knocked out by one guy in 4-5 days.

Secondly, I wasn’t figuring lift expenses, he would add that in.

Third, this… “I want to be super aggressive to win the business, but not shoot my self in the foot :)”

Forth, charging $10 per pane for exterior windows that are maintained quarterly isn’t likely to win many bids. It’s awesome that you’ve done so well but you are the exception, not the rule.

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I understand what your saying, I guess depends on the income in certain areas throughout the US on what they’re going to pay.

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DiamondRidge is in the ballpark. I would follow that lead and if quarterly I would consider even coming in a little lower. The market for mid rise is tight here. Know your market if you are wanting to knock out an established service provider. Without the WFP you won’t be able to compete though. You will lose out based on time. A WFP crew of two guys will make much better time than the traditional method.