Commercial bid process

For those who do lots of commercial, not including storefront, what is your bid process? What do you include in your bid packet?

Our commercial bid process always varies based on customer. Somewhat larger accounts typically require a walkthrough on site, usually with the other companies also submitting bids. When this is the case there’s a bid form describing services requested for building separating inside from outside, partitions or whatever other areas to be included. General liability, Work comp certificates and references are submitted.

Other commercial bids we submit a proposal for services requested, we always include job references of similar job same size and scope of work, we try to include references within their area.

Business card and brochure is always included.

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Thank you! Exactly the kind of info I was looking for!

What do you generally inside in the description of various aspects of the job? Inside, outside, partitions, etc.? Thanks for the info. It helps a lot! I really want to nail down the bid process for commercial.

Do you have pics of your brochure? If not what info is included on the brochure?

Also is a brochure obsolete now with digital capability? What I mean is I generally submit bids in a PDF digital format. So essentially I my website (link to specific commercial job info included in digital bid pack) takes the pace of a brochure. Sorry for the questions. I just want to be thorough so I am confident I am presenting the best possible bid process moving forward.

i don’t usually use one and i tend to slouch alot when i eat so i end up with stains on the front of my shirt a lot…oh biD…nvm


Since we have multiple ways that are requested to submit a bid, we need to adapt to those requests. Some are as simple as email a price others are more detailed with a presentation.

Our brochures deliver the same information as our website, basic info about our company and services. We can’t send all of our proposals via digital/email.

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Thanks for the info.