Commercial bidding and cleaning help

I contacted a property manger about doing some cleaning on a building. After talking with them, they have 5 buildings they want me to price. I looked at them and 4 are not that bad. The fifth is under construction and 4 stories high. I have no experience dealing with a building this high. I have read and talked to another window cleaner about using an areial lift, but still no experience there. Would a WFP do the trick? Has anyone used an areial lift to do jobs? Are they easy to learn to operate?
How would you price the time on the lift? Would you just add the lift rental into the price?


Yeah - add the lift rental into the price.

I’m a certified EWP (elevated work platform) operator, and have used them before. I also have fall arrest certification (and probably you’ll need to pay for these things too, if you dont have them already…)

The actual operation of them isn’t too bad, you can figure it out pretty easily. Its the training and certification that may present the hiccups. You’ll have to rent/buy safety gear, too, like a harness and lanyard.

Lifts can be pricey for sure.

A lift is one way to go. But from a safety stand point wfp is the way to go. I have numerous wfps and use them often. I have also used my fair share of lifts. They are safe but I had one bad experience with an older lift a few years back and now I’m pretty weary of some. But if you do go for the lift, make sure you add all lift related expenses to the bill. Good luck

You state that the fifth is under construction and 4 stories high.
Due to construction debris, etc., the WFP is probably not going to accomplish the desired cleaning on this one. Gonna have to be up close and personal in order to blade. Be sure to get them to sign a fabricating debris waiver.

Look it over really well, Derek. If they construction company protected the glass the way they should, you likely can use WFP. I will be doing a new 4 story in 3 weeks. The glass looks great because they used appropriate glass protection through the whole process.

If it is under construction now…you can speak with the property manager and construction company to make sure they are doing this.

Thanks for the input so far. I was thinking adding all of the lift into the price, but today I checked on a few lifts and I could get a WFP set up for the same price. I’m going to be visiting the site next week and get a better view of the place.
Question about the WFP. The pole weighs around 15 pounds. Is it hard to handle it when they are fully extended and water flowing through them?


I use the Facelift 56’. I have gone up five stories high. Though it is a lightweight pole and rigid, when you that high, it still becomes difficult to use. You just need to factor more time cleaning a 5 story window than a story window. Make sure you bid according to that rule of thumb.

*Factor more time cleaning a 5 story window than a [B]2 [/B]story window

we have done both. You can clean up to 6 floors with a
WFP, But construction cleaning you need the lift.