Commercial Construction Clean

Hey guys, just looking for some advice on what to bid for this building. It’s a new construction clean, they want the exterior glass and frames cleaned, and any construction debris removed. We have done a lot of cleanup jobs, but nothing this big as of yet. It will cost about $2000 to rent the boom lift, so I was thinking in the realm of $8000 total. Am I way off?image image image

I know I would be well over $8000 just by eyeballing it, but idk how much. I also like to price them high because I don’t like CCUs.

Some questions to think through. How many man hours are you thinking, have you done a more than normal for the location dirty window to time it, and do you have experience with a lift? Are there time restrictions on site, or are they on a tight schedule? Are razors permitted and will they sign a waiver?

This is exterior only? Who is handling the interior? Does the water work at enough locations on site that you could rinse titan cement off if you needed to use it or some other chemical to remove cement? If so, is the pressure high enough to reach the top window or will you need a booster pump, if there is enough concrete to justify that.

Just some thoughts. I would need at least that. I also always do a pane count to check against how long I think it will take, and if it is very different than my time estimate than I double check things.

You correctly calculated everything all together will cost about 8 thousand, a maximum of 10