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Hello i am new to this site and let me start out by telling you that this site has been an extreme help to me in my window cleaning company. I currently do mostly commercial store fronts but will look to increase more residential this spring & summer. However i have a question concerning commercial window cleaning accounts. Most of all of my accounts was recieved through face to face, give the manager/owner a card with the price type of approach but a few places would respond with “corporate handles that”. How do i go about getting corporate accounts? Was is the professional approach to this? Most of the time corporate uses 1 company to handle all of their stores and i am very interested in landing all of them but need some advice on how to go about this. Thanks in advance!

You need to spend sometime researching your market for corporate accounts. I have found that many corporate-type of service contractors are either full janitorial services, or are sub-contracted out by them, or possibly in-house cleaning crews. The only edge I can seem to work with any success if the fact that most of these types of services cannot adequately clean the outside, especially up high, of the glass. This is a good angle for businesses that don’t offer Jan-San.

Secondly, once you have found out who the players in your area are, you then need to find those companies that you want to clean windows for–and do your homework. Research the firm online. Find a friend that has a connection. Make yourself aqwainted with the doorkeeper. Find out as much about the company as you can. This will make you look, well, less stupid when cold-calling a business in person about a contract deal/proposal.

Then find out exactly who it is that you need to speak to. A Facility manager, Plant Operations Supervisor, Maintanence Director, etc. should get you started. Call this person’s secretary, or assitant and ask when they are available.

Survey the building before you go talk to that person. Not the day of, but a week before or so. Find out what the building is like. Current condition, access issues, water supply if WFP is used, foot traffic and safety hazards for you and them, which part of the building needs the most attention, which part needs the least are all things to think about.

Take the information you have gained from surveying, searching, asking questions and put it all together. Don’t just keep it in you head, write it down. Organize your thoughts before you go. Have a solution in mind–one that solves their problem.

Once you have these things together, then you go see the dude. And don’t get discouraged when you get turned down. Someone once said that “someones greatest acheivements and success only came after their greatest failures”.

Good Luck,

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Hello Carlmelo

I would say what IDOWINDOWS said was spot on.

Wow. Thanks alot idowindows and everyone else. I am kind of new to the window cleaning business and became discouraged with it for awhile until i came across this site and read the stories you shared on a few threads of the success you guys experienced and it gave me hope and now i’m more focused than ever. Thanks for the advice on obtaining corporate accounts and any more advice on this topic is more than welcome! Thanks guys!

Welcome Carlmelo. Hope 09 treats you well.

Thanks MISTERSQUEEGE. I’m off to a good start. Been applying everything i possibly can off of what i’ve learned off this site. Much success to you as well

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Idowindows said it.

persistence is key to acquiring corporate accounts…I had been working on a set of accounts since October of 08 and have been following up and doing my do-diligence. These last two weeks have been not so fun dealing with the district manager, but I now have acquired 17 stores from him :smiley:

so it took 3 months to get those…urggg, people move slow. so expect things to not move as fast as you with corporate…

The one downfall to doing work for corporate or being sub’d out from a jan company is the area they want you to cover. I have work sub’d out from a company that does maintenance for a large grocery store chain and the area they cover is huge so I cover most of the area as well from above Philly down to Northern VA. It is nice though if you don’t have a lot on your schedule.

I like that, gives you a reason to be in an area you wouldn’t have gone before and thus causing you to pick up work in that area to make that little trip worth while.

I got these accounts that require me to drive 1 hour for 3 stores. that is no fun and not worth while, but it’s an area I wanted to be in, and there’s not much competition. Now I have made it worth while, I picked up 3 restaurants out of it:D I’m making it a nice little route

How often should i follow up to these corporate accounts or for that matter all perspective accounts? Is a month too long to follow up? I hate to be a pest to the customer so my normal follow up would be 3 weeks to a month. Is that to far off?

you got to feel that person…this past one I called once every 2 weeks and sent an email every week. BUT from talking to him on the phone he liked me a lot and would always return my calls and chatted with me.

You just have to feel that person out…if they say “I call you when I’m ready” then stop by (notice I didn’t say call :slight_smile: ) when you’re in the area and tell’em that…“I was just in the area and thought I’d stop by”

Thanks alot matt. :slight_smile: i was thinking the same thing. I have recently prepared a “follow-up” list and have my phone set me reminders to remind me of places to follow-up to. I’m learning more each day. Thanks guys