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Ive decided 100 percent to start water fed pole work.i missed a bid on a 4 story corporate building for windows and carpet because I wasent capable. Id have a set up going except my van tranny blew last week. $2400 cash. Any way I have just now started researching rates. What ways and rate ranges do you guys use? Say a 5 story 20 panes per side? Apreciate any input. My first whole month of residential window work has been awsome. Thank you guys. You have been a huge help last couple months!

Are you saying you have no experience yet with wfp? The reason I am asking is because getting thrown into it on 4-5 story building will be quite the learning experience. Quite a work out :wink:

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No I have no experience yet. By far the majority of corporate and commercial buildings in my area are under 5 story. I can imagine its a work out. Nothing that intimidates me though. There is so much potential here that its crazy not to pursue it. My 1st residential was an a frame, seven sky lights and a shake roof! Took 8.5 hours by myself. Prob an experianced guy could shave a couple hours off. It turned out great! Baptism by fire I figure. I live in the pacific north west by the way? Have you been in water fed pole a while? Gladly taking all advise.

Good attitude! That’s the right spirit :slight_smile:

The reason I asked us because there is also a learning curve to using pure water. Now there are a lot of threads here that will help you before you even start that first wfp job.
I am not as experienced as some here, but have been using wfp for just over 4 years. I feel like we finally have a good handle on its use the last couple of years. Once you get your technique down and learn a few things… There is no going back to only hand tools again :slight_smile:

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I certainly believe you. I see seminars are available from time to time also. The latest I will be set up is spring next year, but im convinced. Do you find yourself using wfp on 2 story homes frequently? You said took a couple years to get it figured out well? What do you feel is your max heighth with it?

Yes, we use wfp almost daily on resi. It’s not that you can’t use it right away, I was just saying there is a learning curve. That’s one reason why some people will say you can’t use it on 1st time cleans, they haven’t spent the extra time to figure out the techniques needed to succeed on those horribly dirty jobs. Many on the other hand have and worked through the learning process to finally get the speed and quality to match.

If you are ready to jump in to wfp I say go for it. The only regret I have always said I have had about pure water is this: I waited too long to finally purchase a system! :wink:
My max is currently 70’. This was a more recent addition to my 50’, 35’, and 17’ poles. A 30-35’ is usually perfect starting pole. If you buy one for 4-5 stories off the bat without the work that would be a lot if extra pole and $.

Awsome. My plan was to start on a few 2 story’s to find out up close what it takes to clean the bad ones. Ive used my 24’ pressure washing telescoping pole, and its a hand full untill you learn how. Its way heavy compared toa water fed pole. The base is thick too. Do ever use 1restore using wfp on 1st time cleans? Or do you clean em and then do detail stuff? My first 2 residentials were trashed so I learned alot on em. Ive done several comercial too. My last customer has what I think stage 1 alkaline spots. Can only see em in morning. So I researched it and sunday im using crystal clear 550 em. I dont like keaving a job like that. Even if I gotta charge more or consider it a restoration thing. I apreciate your help and advise.

Hey Barry if you use CC550 or any Glass Restoration Chemical [I]“Always test a small area and [B]ALWAYS[/B] wear protective gear that is needed, these CHEMICALS are not FORGIVING”[/I]

Thank you. Yes ive purchased gloves and plan on testin a small inconspicuous area. Also I feel comfortable with this gentalman not having a waiver sighned but will have any future customers sighn one. I am also aware not to get the product on any thing but the glass and not let it dry. Have you used cc550 and what are your results and opinion? I apreciate any tips or advise. Im doing this sunday, day after tomarrow. Your guys input is invouable to me. Thank you.

The product works great,Just make sure you know what your doing,[I] A good situation can turn bad really quick.[/I]

[I]“Also I feel comfortable with this gentalman not having a waiver”[/I] I Always have a waiver signed FD & Scratch for any Restoration job I do…YOU NEED TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR COMPANY.

Good Luck on Sunday let us know how it goes…

Thank you. I will let you know how it goes. Any thing I should look out for that you know of?

When you say go bad quick, what are you thinking of? Any tips are greatly appreciated!

[MENTION=13659]Barry[/MENTION] “A good situation can turn bad really quick.”

“Also I feel comfortable with this gentalman not having a waiver” [B][I]I Always have a waiver signed FD & Scratch for any Restoration job I do…YOU NEED TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR COMPANY.[/I][/B]

No matter how you feel about a person (client) things can go wrong,if the customer was a good friend and you ruined his window
by etching/staining them with chemicals, Lets say for example it was $5k worth of damage, do you think your friend would just say[I] “ITS OK I’ll PAY FOR MY NEW WINDOW”[/I] [B]No way!![/B]! you need to protect yourself and your company.

I’m not trying to discourage you form using chemicals/or restoration tools I’m just saying always protect yourself and learn all about the products and tools you are using.

I hope this helps

Got ya. I wont be doing another one with out a waiver. Your right. Its only smart biz. Do you have any waivers you recommend for downloading? Hope im not bending your ear to much. Seems as if wcr has one. Ill be getting them ready.

Well I did the restoration job this morning. 10 panes. The windows all improved id say 95-97 percent. My customer was very happy, especially his wife. Now that I summed it up, here is the only problem. On one window a curved line about 1/4 inch wide and 8 inces long apeared. A frosty dull white apearance.i almost stopped right there but the customer wanted me to contue. I cleaned the window. Then applied 550 with a sponge, used steel wool, 0000 of course. Let sit aprox 3 min never letting it dry. Then cleaned againe. Most windows required 2 aplications. Here is my only theory. No experience mind you. I think its the begining of stage 2 corosion. I figure all the areas that wouldent improve further are. What do you guys think? Why the funky curve? Do you guys know what this is? Also, even though their happy I will never ever do this againe with out a waiver. I Gurantee that! With a waiver im anxious to do it againe. With your guys, s input thank you guys. What do you think?

[MENTION=13659]Barry[/MENTION] I’m happy to here it went well for you…

" Why the funky curve?" Do you have any pics you can share.

I have one good pic, gonna try to link it later. Computer is down and am using my phone. Have you ever ran into this type of thing? Or a similar situation? Its obviously somthing different about that window. As nothing else on all the panes reacted that way. Im on a quest to figure out why. I know there is an explanation. Once againe I value greatly your guys input.

Just so you guys know, when you reply it alerts my e mail. Then I go to the link and respond. But when I go to the site normally it doesent show your reply or mine! So I hope your getting them! Will talk to someone about it monday.