Commercial Selling

I have been getting questions for my new ebook asking me if this stuff works for commercial. This got me thinking about our perception of commercial selling.

I think we mostly have problems selling to commercial because of our tainted perceptions. There are usually 2 things I see with the approach of our service to them.

[]We give them no reason to buy our service
]We think of them as a non living corporate hierarchy

That my friends is where we really fail. We either walk up to them with a generic “can we clean your windows” or send them the most corporate thing we can muster. If that fails we try price slashing. If that fails we say it is just impossible.

People will find a way to pay if they believe you will make tham look and feel better.

Here is something that may change your concept and help you to hit a nerve. The company does not hire you, a person hires you. Every decision for every part of that company is done by people. Not a computer.

They wake up and put their pants on the same way we do. They have bills just like we do. They play with their children just like we do. They care about their peers and overseers opinion of them.

With commercial there can be budget issues, sadly a lot of us now perceive we need to go real low to get their attention. How about trying to get their attention using someting other than a meaningles “can we clean your windows”.

You only want to speak to people in charge- EVERYONE else is totally meaningless. Do you want to get their full attention? Tell them how you can either make their life easier or make them look good.

They honstly do not care about the look of the building nearly as much as how they look and feel. You better believe they are looking out for #1- themselves.

Stop the generic appraoch. Stop trying to sound like a major corporation. Approach them as another human being who shares the same daily emotions.

Use your personality, they get to speak to a 100 robot vendors/salesmen every week. Stand out

If you have nothing that stimulates them emotionally, than all you have is price. We know how well that works.

Just some random thoughts…

Well put…

Can you give an example of how you make the manager at say Applebees look and feel good. This is a great theory and makes one feel good but how do you actually do that. How do you walk in there make them feel good about themselves and all the sudden they are interested in your services?

First impressions are often the key to success! That first impression comes from the outside of a store front or business, before they even open the door. I have been doing post construction clean up with a team of other workers. One thing I do that the others do not do, before I consider the job complete, I sweep not only the front walk way, but I sweep the curb. I learned a long time ago, about curb appeal. I am certain, the only reason I am the only one that has not been called back in to redo or touch up anything, is that first impression. Selling that first impression, works!

Joie - N. CA

Well “feel good” is getting magnatized a little too much. How about getting them to feel like hiring your service is a smart decision. They are in a position where they want to make good decisions.

I have found that most commercial buildings like Applebees and such, have very little interest in window cleaning. What they hate is chasing around after people. Dealing with mistakes. Feeling like they need to babysit. Accoutability and so on. You must crush all these issues using as many creative strategies as you can.

The store’s “approachability” is really not on their minds. That whole corporate image thing has no real value with them. they’re Applebees

The problem with the commercial jobs that have to be cleared from a corporate office is difficult. That person sometimes is unknown and we usually need to find an “in” somewhere. I have contacted corporate offices and asked them directly who was in charge of hiring vendors (I used email in this example) I had a reply 100% of the time with the name of the person in charge.

I use the same approach with them as I would the store manager. Remove all “us”, “we”, “we’re” and focus on them; “You”, “you’ll”, “your”

Find something about what you do (or can start doing) to eliminate as much effort and concern as you can from them. I say get bold as possible with guarantees. “If we don’t show up on the day scheduled, that months cleanings are FREE!”

What if you can’t make it that day? That is not my concern or theirs. BE THERE!

It will likely take more than stuff like guarantees, but they help.

Sometimes we can get their attention with out of the box thinking by mailing them something or having something FedEx’d to them. I got a huge car lot one time doing this. I am not just talking about a sales letter. Use your creative :wink:

Feel good is getting magnatized because I took it to be the focus of your post. Your Quotes-

“People will find a way to pay if they believe you will make tham look and feel better.”

“Tell them how you can either make their life easier or make them look good.”

“They honstly do not care about the look of the building nearly as much as how they look and feel”

I was looking for specifics on how one goes in and does this. Making the sales presentation about them is nothing new its been around forever.

“If we don’t show up on the day scheduled, that months cleanings are FREE!”

Isnt this about us not them. I am really trying to understand what you are selling here but I am falling short.

The Fed-Ex example is creative but what’s in it is probably more important. What was in yours, what did you do that was so out of the box that they said to themselves we want to go with this guy.

They “feel” is related to how others see them. Not like a puppy makes us feel.

A guarantee is never about us. This example would be if they may have had problems with elusive services before. Being on route work for 5 years for a large company I seen a lot of things that caused managers to have suspician.

A guarntee will not get the job alone, but I assure you it helps. It is an insurance policy. I would go a lot further than the guarantee I mentioned.

Making the “sales presentation” gets screwed up daily. It rarely gets specific as to why it truley benefits them.

When I first started I had the chance to get a chain of grocery stores. I went through a lot of effort to find the guy in charge. I get him on the phone and he agrees to look at quotes for all the stores. The current cleaner was horrible from what I seen.

I run all over quoting and price very competitvely. I send him the quotes and wait 3 days to call. I call him and here is basically what was said:

Hi John it’s Paul McQuillan calling you back to discuss the quotes I did for you

John: Hi Paul, yeah I got them
Paul: So do you have any questions?
John: Yeah, why should I switch from the company I use now to yours?
Paul:… huh? I noticed your windows looked bad and…
John: no, I think we will just stay with who we are with. thanks

Some of you may think “well you were an idiot”. Have any of you been through that? You have that answer right on your tongue? Good for you.

If I had one good reason for him to switch I would have had it. I carried that over to residential and believe me I have many reasons why now.

Good reasons are not “we’re better”, “been in business 10 years”, we do Johns House of Shrimp across the street".

I have never been asked directly since, but that is always the question they ask themselves- why do I care?

If you can come up with 4 or 10 real good answers as to why as it is pertains to them… that can be powerful. Everything that has impact evokes an emotion. No emotion, no impact.

My FedEx contained 1 sales letter (not a very good one) and 1 full page guarantee in a nice presentation folder. I sent it to 7 dealerships and got 2. They both had window cleaners already. One thing I did in the letter was add personality to it along with every benefit I could think of from my route days.

My girlfriend read it and said “sounds too unprofessional”. Until it added $15,000 a year to my income…

I should try it again with what I know now… wait, I would need to clean them :eek:

Do whatever works, but there always needs to be a meaningful reason why you.

Good reasons are not “we’re better”, “been in business 10 years”, we do Johns House of Shrimp across the street".

No doubt and whoever doesnt have this response ready is missing the boat because 9 out of 10 times this is the situation especially commercial and whether they say it or not it is implied. Your presentation must show them you are different. If it doesnt chances are you wont get the gig.

So if I am getting you right here, forgive me as I am kinda dumb, what your saying is that when approaching potential clients you have to present yourself in a way that makes the manager of whatever company feel differently or good about your company as opposed to how they feel now about their current provider.

That makes sense.

It doesn’t matter whether it is commercial or residential in my mind. You are selling to people. First you sell them yourself, to get that first interview, and then you sell your service, and your company to do that service.
Most people buy things out of emotions, whether its cars or widgets or life insurance. The trick is to show them that by having your service, it will satisfy a emotion. Get as many emotions involved as possiable.
Pride: Mr Smith buy having us to clean your windows you will be showing the community, that your store is showing a clean face…First impressions you know…
Envy: Mr Smith look across the street there at the Wendy’s , now that is clean windows, then look at these…that could be shame as a emotion.
Joy: Mr. Smith just think how happy you will be knowing that cleaning the windows is one decision that you dont have to worry about any more.
Fear: Mr. Jones you told me that you have your employee to clean your windows. What if they fall off the ladder and break something…Our men are trained and we have a million dollars liability insurance.
Peace of mind: Mr. Smith we will be here the first monday of every month rain, shine, sleet or snow. And if it rains we will come back and redo the windows at no charge. We use the most up to date techniques and equipment. We use static reducing chemicals to clean your windows to a clear shine. And you can depend on us. We will do the best job we can at a cost that will make you sure that you are doing the right thing.
Close: Now Mr. Smith, an opening on every monday mornings between 8 and 11 am or every second thursday between 1 and 3 pm… Which would be better for you?
Then say nothing…if you have to be silent for 3 minutes dont say anything.
Close #2 Mr Smith I understand that 75.00 per month is a lot of money to clean your windows …but think of it like this, thats only 2.50 per day that your spending to give a clean face to the community. With pen in hand on your paperwork…dont call it a contract… Now would you like for us to start on the out side or would the inside be better?
Close # 3 Mr Smith I know that you have your employee to clean your windows for you with windex and it is less expensive than hiring a pro. window cleaner…Could I ask you to come with me to the glass and allow me to show you something? Great… Now if you will look closely…do you see the swirls in the glass? That comes from rubbing the glass with a paper towel. Have you noticed that the glass gets dirty almost seconds after you clean it? That because the rubbing of the glass causes a static charge and the dust is just drawn to your just cleaned glass.
Wouldn’t you agree that it would be better to have a pro. do it for you and save hundreds of dollars from buying new glass, because the old one is so scrached?
Buy now you can see that going ahead with the order is the right thing to do, isnt it?
There are many other closes that I can and will share …but Ive gotta jet…
Hope that helps some.

Sometimes we can get their attention with out of the box thinking by mailing them something or having something FedEx’d to them. I got a huge car lot one time doing this. I am not just talking about a sales letter. Use your creative

Heres something I did and it worked, I had glass cleaner private labeled with my name on it of course, I used it like a business card and it worked great . Thats one of many I thought I would share.

I looked into getting glass cleaner labled in my name too. It was when “green” was just coming in. I never did it, but it was interesting.

Great job guys opening up this dialog. It gets me thinking a lot.

I will be off for several days because Chris has a small mountain of work that needs to be done yesterday… along with a bunch of people I promised email support to for my book.

Please keep this going! Get the juices flowing

Then create and test. No waiting- just do it.