Commercial vs. store front

What exactly is the difference?

Same thing ain’t it?

All storefront is commercial, but not all commercial is storefront

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Storefront is around $4 per pane both sides (usually around 12 panes)
Commercial is around $4 per pane per side
( usually around 120 panes)

Storefront - any joe bucket can do
Commercial - better have a lic. & ins. Or else you are wasting your time

There is not an absolute dividing line but in general store front consists of mostly retail stores along with other stores that reside in strip malls. Some very small stand alone commercial buildings can be lumped into to the store front category. The main factors that would classify a job as store front is its small size, and its proximity to other jobs. Commercial would be free standing buildings. Some jobs categorized as commercial can be suites in an industrial center if there large enough or some if there small enough can be categorized as storefront. The main factor that would classify a job as commercial would be its larger size, and the time it takes to do the job, generally at least half a day for one guy.

I personally ad 3 other categories to the overall commercial category list; large commercial, mid-rise,and high-rise. Large commercial would be jobs that are not classified as high rise but are too large to be done by 1 or 2 guys in a day. Mid-rise would be 3-5 stories. High rise would be anything over 5 stories.

Again some jobs can have features that could classify it in 2 categories so its not always cut and dry.

[B]Storefront/Retail[/B]- [Food, shopping, convenience store, etc…]

  • Customers “buy there/pay there” for products or service.
    Commercial[/B]- [Office park, building, manufacturing, etc…]
  • May be a [B]part[/B] of a “[I]storefront retail” organization[/I], but Customers do NOT ‘browse and select’ a product or service at that location.

[B]Residential[/B]- Dwelling. [Home, condo, assisted living, apt, etc…]

My thoughts exactly…

It’s interesting that high rise is always something different. I’ve heard it’s 7 and above; I think even 12 and above. There doesn’t seem to be a real authoritative definition. “Skyscraper” on the other hand seems to be more definitive- 25 story and up. But I may be wrong there too.:slight_smile: