Commercial work email

So after asking earlier how do you guys get commercial work, I’ve decided im going to give it a try.

I’ve compiled a list of property managements in the area and will be sending them an email this week.

Anyone know where I can get a sample of what to say in the email? Or maybe do you have any suggestions of what works?


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This is what I use. I tweaked it from a suggestion @ProWindowCleaning offered to me (thank you again, by the way!):

"We would love the opportunity to bid any Window Cleaning or Screen Repair needs you may have at your property or properties for the upcoming year. These bids would be good for one year.

Let me know if there is anything we can do for you, and thank you for your time and consideration.


I’ve been sending it out to several places each week, and got a call today to do a bid on a commercial property because of that email.


This reminds me, does anyone have work comp as a sole proprietor here ?

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Thank you! wow that simple eh.

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Where are you located? I don’t believe you need to have workers comp unless you have insurable earnings (salary).

I have it for employees but not for me.

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I don’t, because it’s just me and I can’t even use it anyway if I did have it (as the business owner). Not sure if that’s a general thing everywhere, or specific to my State (Michigan)

Cause I had a commercial place that had insurance requirements that I met but on the work comp side it said exemptions for sole proprietors who have no employees… which is me.

I sent my insurance stuff then they said I needed a work comp exemption

Tf lol?

I didn’t know what they meant when I needed a work comp exemption when I have no employees in the first place, idk man I was confused.

I thought they meant sole props who had no employees were exempt not that they had to get exemptions lol


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That’s dumb.

pretty standard, covers them. also if you change something in the meantime and hire someone without work comp on them, that type of stuff

How does one get a work comp exemption then, I couldnt figure it out

Ask your tax preparer about Work Comp Exemption.


I do, some commercial work has required… more than paid for from one project


What’s your follow up process / cadence if you don’t get a response?

I use a week for my residential potential clients and was curious if you adjust for commercial.

Thanks for posting both the template and the success story - very encouraging!

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I haven’t done follow-up yet for those who haven’t responded. I was debating doing follow-up maybe after a couple months, or once a season… Not sure what would be best, so I’ll probably play with it a bit.

Does anyone attach a pamphlet with general information? I’m going to be working on my template email tomorrow…

Would like to get opinions on this too. Instead of an image pamphlet I was thinking of just linking my website and facebook to keep it simple, or also including the front of my business card design which includes enough general info imo.

I like to keep things simple and not attach photos (unless requested in a response from the prospect)
If you’re cold emailing a list chances are they won’t be too keen on opening an attachment from an unknown sender.


Just a small update…

Called one property manager yesterday, got his voicemail, left a message.

10 minutes later got an email for a quote for window cleaning and garage pressure washing. This is like a 20+k job so… not bad for a first time.

I have all of you to thank for making me realize how simple it is


That’s awesome!!! Congratulations!

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