Commercial Work - Use Lift?

Need a price guys… Im renting a 45 foot articulating lift…for the weekend 900$
One guy with me at 18$ an hour

So I got 67 double windows
21 triple windows
the giant entry on the pic and just the outside.
just that forget the little restaurant in the pic.
windows are full of spider webs and alot of caked on dirt…
Im gonna try with WFP but im not sure it will work!
Im gonna have to scrub with a pad …especially in the corners.
Iwas thinking around 3500$
Im I off ;
just realized im in the wrong forum…thx billy

not sure on pricing. but i wouldn’t waste my time with wfp. if there are spider nests you will fail. you already have a lift, just bust em out squiigii style. and wear a harness!

i think two skilled guys could get it done in a long day.

thx for the info it is much appreciated…

Je connais l’endroit en face de l’hôpital LeGardeur

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Caleb’s advice is solid. Go for it. Congrats! I hope you get the contract.

Is the lift rental included in the $3500?


Vous êtes une entreprise à Montréal? What is your specialty?

My thought too

Thx yup 3500$ with the rental included …what do u think ;…did I underbid;

Seriously in one day;… Should both of us get in the lift; or should one do up and the other the lower ones;

Hey Billy,

If you can do it in a weekend or over the holidays when foot traffic is at a minimum then I think you’re at the right price.

I think you could’ve gotten more but then again, I’ve seen Montreal companies Future or BSF or McGill come in and undercut each other until nobody wants to work that low.

Try hard to do a perfect job and really be professional with your interaction with your client and offer to service them 6 months later.

Tnx Joshua I really appreciate all the info…I will do my best. Billy

yeah, two guys in the basket, then two guys on the ground. you can set up perfectly to hit either a double or a triple in one position. done, move on to the next. punch it out!