Good Morning ,

“WHATEVER” has been the key word around here all week. As I mentioned previously we function just like a real life family and this is one of those phases where the famous term “whatever” comes into play. You ever get mad at a family member and you guys don’t speak about anything even if its important? Well that’s kinda what it feels like in here sometimes. There is missing information from a customers file or a new customer is entered then just left incomplete and if you wind up being the last person to have dealt w/ that customer you get the fifty questions as to why when something goes wrong. Then everyone is just like “whatever”. This particularly stinks when it’s a customer who ends up getting away w/ a scam b/c the “whatever” factor took leaving lots of holes in the line of communication.

For example yesterday I got a call from a prospective customer looking to book work off of a conversation she had previously w/ the marketeer. This customer had stated that she was close to the family and was offered a really good deal b/c of this relationship and b/c she had our closest competitor out to her home. Everything she was telling me made sense and seemed legit based on deals we were running back in the summer. The only problem is all that pricing had ended but again I was told b/c of who she was she could have the deal… SURPRISE there were no notes at all about this woman so my gut said to just blow her off for now BUT I also didn’t want to turn away a job especially considering she was pretty local. I was able to verify that she did have some distant connection to the family. Today however I spoke to the Marketeer who had the original contact w/ this woman and was told that she wasn’t gonna do the work at all. So once again the “WHATEVER” factor came into play and another customer gets away w/ a spectacular deal and I’m awaiting the consequences of being the one who booked the work. (I’ll probably be grounded for a week… no t.v. LOL)

This is absolutely hilarious b/c when you think about it it happens so much to everyone where ever you go. Everyone tries to get something for nothing, families fight and make up, but at the end of the day COMMUNICATION is the key to success. So take this lesson we learn daily and use it wisely to get through the obstacles of business as well as life as smoothly as possible.

Have a Great Week.

Commercial Sales Manager
All County Window Cleaning


I saw that coming from California. I’m not even kidding.

Ha ha, that makes 2 californians who saw that coming!