Company name

Im thinking about adding a new name to the company. Something Fire & EMS related. Like: “Window Washing Medics” or “First Responder Window Cleaning” I need your ideas.

im digging jetcity already. but i do like your new ideas here.

i am thinking propeller city Inc.

“All Hands” Window Cleaning…(but you may have to be in the Fire Field to understand it)

5 Alarm Windows

What about “Big Wet Hose Window Cleaning”?

Nahhh…just doesn’t have the same ring to it. :smiley:

Oh, that sounds saucy

Window Medics makes me think of the defogging company.

If window cleaning doesn’t pan out, then there’s always some opportunity in video production with a company name like that.:smiley:

Pretty sure those videos wouldn’t get any air time on WCR though. Not on the public pages anyway…