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Williams Window Washing, LLC Newsletter
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Add Beauty and Value to Your Home plus Improve Your Curb Appeal
At a Price You Can Afford

Overflowing gutters can create expensive home maintenance nightmares for you. Your walls, foundation and basement all can be damaged by clogged gutters and cleaning gutters is a messy, often dangerous job for homeowners. You can eliminate these headaches by calling Williams Window Washing, LLC and improve the beauty, safety and value of your home.

We would like to thank all of our new and returning customers, it’s been a busy year and winter is right around the corner. We would like to remind everyone that due to extreme weather conditions our schedule may fluctuate from time to time but as soon as the weather permits we will be back on a timely schedule.

Our Green tip for this newsletter comes from:

Recycling doesn’t always have to be boring—you can have fun and practice eco living by recycling cans into crafts. Soda cans can become elaborate doll house furniture and coffee cans make great flower pots. Here are a couple fun and easy ideas for recycling cans into crafts:

Create sidewalk lanterns, called luminaries, by using nails and a mallet to punch holes in a decorative pattern on the sides of tin cans. Place a candle in each can and enjoy watching the light sparkle through the punched pattern.

Make pencil holders by covering cans with decorative paper or vintage wallpaper. Decorate the covered cans with foam shapes, stencils, colored paper, and more embellishments to make them special.

We also provide Window Cleaning,
Pressure Washing (single story units only)
Decks, fences, Driveways & Sidewalks.
(all products are environmentally safe)