Company or small time w/c

If you are cold calling going straight to potential customers doors do you find it is best to knock the door down saying:

1)Hi my names rob…i work for window cleaning etc…we are a large window cleaning company, with latest technology etc etc


2)hi my name is rob…i run a small local w/c business.and do alot of small jobs in the area.

so is it better to imply that the business is large and commercial or small and local.

Always be truthful about who you and your company are! In my opinion any misleading statements can and often do come back to bite you in the end.
My wife and I work together and have had several customers say the reason we got the job (we aren’t usually the cheapest) is because they feel more comfortable in a working relationship w/ a small company.

Hey Rob

I would agree with Tony on this one. There is some wisdom in his post.

Oh i dont mean to be outwardly untruthfull to the prospective client.

theoretically i would not be telling any lies…(i use wfp, have good work in diff areas, am fully insured and so on)

i just mean which way should i slant my image to resi customers.

do they want a personable w/cleaner or commercial w/c business.

I can be both…i am both

For eg. do you straight away go in banging on about the company and its credentials,aggressive or just try and come across friendly, modest and not profit driven…nice to the customers eye in other words

what i mean is in these circumstances which from the customers eyes is more appealing

which one is TRUE?
I wouldn’t say either. you must remember these people don’t care about you. This may sound harsh but it’s true, they really don’t care about you or your business, ESPECIALLY when you randomly show up at the door.
You would be amazed by how much more receptive people are when you focus on THEM and not YOU. people don’t care how big or small you are, but they do care about themselves, don’t they? of course! we all do!

There are benefits that come from being big, and from being small. whichever you are focus on this, and present it in a manner that focuses on THEM not you. Simple example:

“I can clean your windows” becomes
“YOU can have YOUR windows cleaned, Mr. Prospect.”

good luck with the door knocking, it can be very effective!

Say that again, only louder, that’s one mistake that alot of people make, they talk about themselves more than the customers, and its a costly mistake.
The customers care about their home, not my business.

I think you can get the point across with out saying “we are a large” or “I run a small local”…

I’ve tried experimenting with different (commercial) phrases like “we service many businesses in your area” and that gives off a larger tone.

I personally like to give a confident larger tone, but if small is what you like then says phrases that indicate that.

I do agree with Tony, talk about them. If you’re going to be trying to express the size of your company in your opening pitch, make it short. “Blah blah …we are a local WCing company that services many homes in this area”…and then on to them

My names actually Doug, and yes CONFIDENCE is HUGE when going door to door no matter which angle you decide to take regarding your biz size.

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