Competition in my area


My name is Joe I am from Madison Wisconsin I lost my job this year due to Covid and have been doing a lot of research and decided to start a soft washing business in my area. My question is I have about 7 other softwashing companies in my area now I know competition is good thing but do you guys think that is to many in one area?

Thank you.

What’s the population of your proposed service area?

Thank you for the response it’s about 600 thousand.

Are you previously a window cleaner that is just now adding soft washing? Are you on the PWR forum? If not I would definitely join over there as that is where most of the pressure washers are, but there is a decent number here on the window cleaning forum. Best of luck! 600k is a decent market size., so hopefully the gdp will support you. Doesn’t seem like 7 companies is all that much.

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Thank you and yes I am just realized I posted it on here and no just starting soft washing I have done a few friends houses and live it thank you.

For soft washing, I’m not equipped to give an answer considering your competition company to population ratio. However, for window cleaning that’s a good sized population that should be to handle another window cleaner as long as you work hard to stand out.