Has anyone ever had to deal with another local window cleaner, kinda harassing them?

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I ran into one while canvassing the other day. Total Bucket Bob using a Mop handle and dirty water type. He gave me a look when I was hitting stores across the street from him. I smiled an waved and toss out a Good morning sir ( he didn’t like that).
I was sure not to hit the stores he worked on but when I walked into a store they said they got rid of him a month ago cause he didn’t show up weekly even though they paid him start of month.

Now I just couldn’t understand why they did the paying before but I was able to grab that store and do while he was down the block. And set them up on a weekly out/monthly in -out that will be billed.

And when I was done you know I had to walk past his work - Streak and missed corners.

So I’m thinking Ill hit those stores soon, LOL

I would think when you come across a competitor just give a smile and wave. I would rather walk away smiling then his pissed face any day.

Lol, no we talked, he came and asked me for a card like he was a potential customer, then he told me that he does the store next door and he doesn’t appreciate me stepping on his toes and being In his territory, then he was trash talking all the other local window cleaning company’s.

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“Sir, if you’re doing a great job and you have character then you don’t have to worry about me stepping on your toes. Have a great day!”


Lol, good stuff

Guy looked like a 70’s porn star. Sort of creepy but not really harassing per se.

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Someone has small man complex. What did you do, pee on his tree? I ran into the local window genie franchisee at a gas station. Looked at me with a smirk. Hey man, I’m not the one riding around with an ambiguous looking genie on my vehicle, paying 10s of thousands for the privilege. I’ll happily work my way up in the business riding around in our C-RV without the genie. Plenty of glass to go around for everyone.


Was this in Durango?


Didn’t know if you were talking to me

We are pretty friendly with our competition and often borrow tools or lend them out. We got the opportunity to work alongside another company in a 280 condo clean up earlier this year. We have only couple of issues with competitors over the years.

Had a guy text me at 11 at night because he lost a large commercial account to us… accused us of stealing and having bad ethics because he used to clean it. Truth is we didn’t steal anything… he gave that one to us by doing a poor job so they called us for a quote after a couple of years. A year later we got an employee from them when they ran out of work and got to hear what he had been saying about us… that was fun. It only took us three years to grow as big as them and we’re passing them quickly.

We also had another competitor tell one of our store front customers that I was in the hospital and he would be taking over LOL! This one actually made me laugh… we ended up giving it to him anyway. I think he was desperate. (3 exterior panes on main street)


I.M.O. streets are open grounds. Maybe he is just worried his job cant stand up to competition and that’s all on him. stepping on toe lmao I like that one I sense some insecurity in his home life ( ok I know be nice).

I would still go the BE NICE route till he crosses a line then put him in his place. What Gotlift said would work perfect.

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Not sure. Guess it’s a city-folk thing?


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This is why I don’t do storefronts! I hear you guys, and I agree for the most part.
With storefronts there isn’t really enough money you’d think to be low balling in order to get a gig. In my area one local franchise went outta business for doing just that.

I ain’t saying thats what you guys are doing at all.

I’m on friendly terms with some of the local guys in my area, but it wasn’t always like that. I used to be friendly with everyone! TOO friendly. I didn’t know how to hold my cards close to my chest, thought that we would be able to control the market like a good old boys club, the way they do it in the big leagues in big biz.

Short story is it didn’t work.

Just a word to the wise for someone who’s been there and done that. I’m respectful and polite, but thats it anymore.


I’m friendly with the local windows cleaners in my area, so really never issue with someone giving me a hard time ( could be the appearance i have.) :sunglasses:

We did have one guy buzz into town awhile back (he thought he had deep pockets) and he told me and a few others that he was going to put us all out of business, we are all still here and he’s no where to be found now. :wink:


You have your means to deal with the comp :flushed::smirk:

Had a couple of bid requests that I referred to my competitors (jobs I didn’t want). Since then they have been super nice to us. And if they find out there are accounts that we do, they back off trying to sell to them now. I know that might only help sometimes.

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