Complete ccu pricing

Met a builder the other day who is really interested in hiring my company to do a ccu on a huge waterfront home in a few months, the whole thing.Its a massive job. I was wondering whether any of you guys have some good advice on how to quote for everything but the windows.That part is easy for me but I havent had any experience quoting the rest of a ccu. any help is greatly appreciated. cheers

Have the right equipment and supplies.

Know what your hourly $ goal is.

Understand how long cleaning (think perfection/details) takes dependent upon amount of space involved and dirt and debris.

Work top to bottom.

I would be very careful quoting a price on a ccu thats a couple months down the road unless you have worked with this contractor and know what condition the house will be in. I work with about 7 contractors on a regular basis, each one has different standards on how much clean-up their subs do when they are finishing a job. Keep in mind if you get in and start the clean-up, and some of the painters have to return to do some “touch up” work (which is usually the case) all the construction dust you just removed is back on all the floors, wall, and cabinets. My pricing normally works out to $120- hr. (including windows) If the contractor wants the house “move in quality” trust me, you will be making return visits removing that fine dust that keeps returning. Hope this helps.

David Regan
Perfect Pane
Los Alamitos, CA.

If you are new to it, I’d say work out how long it will take you. Then double the time - this will give you a more realistic time scale - I kid you not!

Thanks guys. I’ve got all the equipment that we need. I’m giving the quote when it is finished, which won’t be until easter next year at the latest.
I was kinda wondering about $/square meter or something like that. Then there is all the detailing… $120/hr seems pretty good. I’m unsure whether it’s more accurate quoting per square meter or estimating how long it will take. Thoughts?

Typical price range in California is USD 0.20 - 0.50 and higher per square foot.

I worked it out so I can get $60/hour - 0.50c/metre squared for vaccuming, 40c/square metre mopping and 16c/square metre for sweeping. This isn’t including detailing and return visits. Does this sound reasonable? Do you guys reckon I should charge differently?

Started working with a company for $2.09/square meter. Pretty good

I’m with Larry on this one, we charge $0.40 - $0.45 per square foot (in Idaho)

Including windows and frames?