Compliments to WCR for they're excellent business services

Just wanted to compliment WCR on they’re easy to edit post cards. I am getting ready to do my first direct mail campaign. Instead of taking chances on making my own template I have decided to go with something battle tested. The template is excellent, easy to edit, and eye catching.

Once I make my money back on this direct mail campaign WCRA it is for me. Thanks guys!

I will tell you how the response goes!~

How many you planning on putting out?

500 initially, then another 500 after I achieve 2 callbacks. I will keep pumping them out as more money comes in from new clients. I dont know if those are realistic expectations, i have never under taken something like this. There are high end homes on the ridges here so I am attacking one ridge at a time.

Well good luck with it.

Thanks, as soon as I get my old mans word that my edits are good i’m pulling the trigger. I am excited, it is a VERY affluent target area :slight_smile:

Excellent! Glad to hear it was easy for you to work with. We tried to make them as user friendly as possible.

I know that only you know what your budget is, and I’m not the brightest when it comes to marketing (and lots of other stuff) but direct mail is a numbers game, send 500 and you might get 1 or 2, maybe 10 but sending out more really increases your chances of getting more work.

There’s a difference in postage I know, but the printing side is where you can save good money, sometimes printing 1000 instead of 500 can cost you just $20 more.

Chris is the one that really knows the postage stuff, I’m old school and use actual stamps and hand write whenever I can.

Good luck with this one

Thanks Punta, I will look into at least printing out another 500. They would also make good hand outs for booth events. My budget is tight right now though. We are moving and we are trying to keep money close.

Dang I just checked… only $25 difference!! Thanks soooooo much

No problem, glad to help man!

The higher the quantity the lesser the difference in price, don’t forget about shipping because that one doesn’t go down.

When you’re printing for a specific campaign is key to don’t get the expiration date printed, leave a blank rectangle or shape and then you can write down the expiration date as needed or buy a rubber stamp.

That’s how I use to do it, may not work for you.

TIP: If you plan on writing on any side of the postcard, plan ahead and don’t order a coating on that side. I learned the hard way, when you have a glossy coating you cannot write with a pen, a marker does not work either.

If you saw my handwriting you would understand VERY quickly why I avoid it at all cost!
Great ideas thanks a lot.

When I print the labels should I include “Or current resident”

There is an option and I know it seems less personal but, I they know that already that it is a direct mail piece. What do you guys think?

I’d say don’t but that really depends on how are you putting your lists together.

I used to spend most of the time looking for the right people, my wife was the one doing the writing and we both shared the stamp sticking.
I hand picked my recipients based on the value of the house and location. My campaigns were small in volume but highly selective, like an atomic bomb compared to a laser targeted missile.

laser is always better, but finding high end areas here is as easy as selecting a ridge line with’s drawing tool. I got my printing service through WCR and depending on how long it takes to get to me I’m gonna get 500 out of the door as fast as I can.