Condo/Apartment buildings (commercial)

We had one bid that we lost because we didn’t want to clean all the windows covered by balcony without putting an additional cost on it (we’d have to likely enter each unit, clean by hand the window…).

Since low rise apartments/condos aren’t something we usually do I just wanted to ask and see how do you guys do it? Do you do the windows covered by the balconies? How do you charge?

I’ve cleaned a lot where the balconies weren’t included and left to the responsibility of the tenant, but obviously that doesn’t help since they expected you to clean them. Once I used
a boom to jump over hotel balconies to clean. There’s really no way with a hotel to coordinate entry through all rooms. With assisted living/retirement community then you could coordinate that. Condos/apts beyond two story I’m guessing it would be tough. So either they do their own or you’ve got a boom with safe to drive on ground to work with. They either have one and provide or you add the rental cost to the bill. Two story condos just ladder over and price accordingly.

Skip doing the “extra charge” thing. Just give them a price to do the job. It is up to them to be either tire kickers or hiring for the job. You lay out what you need to get the job done. Access to balcony’s? Yay or nay, here’s the price.

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I send a price that includes balconies, jobs that big all get a contract where I lay out my terms for taking on the job.

They also get a price that does not include the balconies, again they also get a contract that lays out all terms.

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Thanks guys, yeah this was a 4 story apartment building and some areas would be really hard to fit a scissor lift. They were super cheap no doubt though.

I agree with the idea of having to give a quote with/without and just include the price of rental in the quote. That was my bad lol