Congratulations on 1,000 Users

Karl, you beat me to it!

Yay Karl!!

Sorry Lar,
I was awake when you were asleep at 8 a.m. this morning - probably 2 a.m. your time. I had to join to do my blog post tonight, coz there ain’t much other news! I can’t believe the prize - awesomeeee :smiley:

Thanks again Chris & Alex :stuck_out_tongue:
Sorry to the others

(I also joined again mainly to see forum speed - figuring it must be my message in-box causing the slow down, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. However it is slightly quicker than it was :confused: )

Congratulations on a 1000 members, soon to be 2000 :cool:

Click on the firework picture to see this years “mascleta.” By the way, that dial in the corner is the decibels - a jet engine is 120 db, it reaches this! And I wonder why everyone in Spain shouts - officially the noisiest country in the world! My wife is from Valencia & is deaf in one ear :eek:

Congrats on 1000 members :wink:

I actually saw the count at 999 last night, but didn’t pull the trigger (I already have a second account here for forum error test purposes…), though I did consider it.

Guess I had too much weekend (Radiohead, Steel Pulse, Galactic, Steve Winwood, Tom Petty, Primus, Garage A Trois, etc.)

I wonder how many people have more than one account here? I guess the number of real members is less than 1000.

I think it is over 1000 Mike

I knew about both Larry’s and Karl’s

I actually asked Larry to open his because he was having problems with his account. There have been a few duplicates come thorough I usually delete them so it doesn’t affect count.

I let Karls slip because I thought it was funny and hes ya know Karl…

I have it set up to prevent multiple accounts from the same email address.

yeah, it’s good to keep the count as accurae as possible, so that you have full bragging rights when you pass those important milestones.

Next milestone for WCR, I think, would be to pass NWCD at 1155 members.

Yep we hope to do that by 10/18/2008

Thanks to our recent “press” it really shouldn’t be a problem.

We also have a few contests and stuff planned for the coming weeks… giveaways and things like that. Should be fun.

so the recent press has actually helped to increase the numbers? Or are those new members just people that want to say rotten things and leave after a few days?

Yes the recent press has increased the user count numbers as well as doubling sales this week. Kinda weird I didn’t expect that to happen. But … we actually have allot of supporters.

On here there was really only 1 guy that said things that were not nice. There were many people that sent positive responses to world, but apparently he only let poor ones come through. I think your nice comment just slipped through undetected somehow.

I was stunned that my message got through. I was thinking if nothing else, Gary can read it. But when I woke up the morning after. I looked at my World emails, and I saw my email!

I certainly hope he wasn’t blocking positive emails from coming thru. As I said before that would be abusing his moderator powers.

But let’s keep this on topic!

Yay for 1,000 members!

Yay!!! its cool we usually get at least a 100 people signing in everyday a few months ago we would only have about 50…So it is growing.