Considering hosting a second Marketing Bootcamp

I need your input. I am considering hosting a second (maybe more) bootcamp as we just finished. I need to know:
Why you didn’t come if you weren’t here?
What do you do for marketing?
What location would you be more likely to attend? Chris says Kentucky would be the most convenient.
What month works best for you?
If you have no intrest in a marketing event that I am hosting, why not? (Not being cocky…just wondering if there is any information that I not offering to you in the way I should be.)

Thanks for your help!
Charity Wilder
Crystal Clear Window Cleaning
812.593.5894 (call or text)

How come nobody ever does an event like this in NYC?

I guess that could be another choice…maybe at WCR?

NYC would be crazy expensive. How about the Jersey Shore?

They’re like 2 hours west of the city, but that WOULD be awesome.

Atlantic City? Hell YEAH!

Wanted to go but it was to close to the Labor day weekend so we were trying to wrap everything up so we can make it a 4 day weekend. January/February would be good, quiet and still time to put learned knowledge to work for the next season. Indy or KY would be nice.

Nashville , Cinny or of Vegas…

No offense but compared to the way nola is marketed this conference seemed poorly marketed. I’m sure it was great but I never saw a program etc. just a post about a boot camp. Again just my observation.

I’m more connected to the west coast as far as flights are concerned, so if you get more interest from east coasters, I probably wont come based on costs alone. I can buy a plane ticket thru allegiant air for around $150 roundtrip to Las Vegas, and if it’s booked on the right days, I can even get them cheaper. I’ve never been there, but checking on Indianapolis and other places the flight is twice that amount. I’m sure hotel rates are about the same. Something to consider.

Who is considering doing this? Charity? Or the Brothers? Or both?

I would like Vegas since I am on the West Coast or better yet, before,after or in conjunction with NOLA 2013.

Definitely Vegas!

@Brian and anyone else who wasn’t able to make it this past weekend: Honestly speaking, you missed an absolute goldmine of information. Charity and Logan lined up a US postmaster (on his own time), the Chamber of Commerce, and a slew of others. And I can assure you that after Logan’s original announcement, if anyone had any questions, all that was needed was to ask. I can’t say enough about the generosity and support shown by the WCR, the Greensburg Chamber of Commerce, and others.

I am still surprised that local WC’rs (non-members of the WCR) turned down Logan’s personal invitation to this event. Definitely their loss.

I am so glad that you enjoyed it Herschel!

Everything seems to happen in the Midwest/East coast. I know that’s where the highest concentration of the population is; but those of us in the West need a little attention too! :cool:

My vote is Vegas!!

I had a great time at the event. The turn out was really good, I think I counted about 40 people. It was very nice to meet some longtime WCR members for the first time and reconnect with a few I havent seen in years.

The event was highly organized, and the speakers where great. Charity and Logan did an awesome job putting this together. Cant wait for next year, just let me know where it is and I will be there.


Honestly, I have already implemented some changes (with more to come) from the knowledge I gained less than 48 hours ago. The results so far are this: 4% conversion of flyers to appoinments. :cool:

I only put out 50 flyers. :eek: I marketed to sell and I [U][B]definitely[/B][/U] set myself apart from anyone else in my area. I did the estimates as the best ‘Me’ that I can be.

I am sooooooo friggin’ stoked right now. And I simply can not thank you and Logan enough for BootCamp!!!

Thats great! Now keep the excitement up and you will soar! Sometimes you need to find what excites you and motivates within your business and use that to keep momentum. For me a full schedual and the challenge of getting the work done even when over scheduled is exciting and helps me keep momentum and energy. I think for Charity its making the sale.

He is correct! lol. Wonder how he knew that.

Vegas or west coast. I can never get away long enough to get to east coast. Too cheap also.