Construction Traffic

So as you can see by the above video I have some traffic in front of my shop. Its been there for about a week and will continue for another 2. They are rerouting some pipes. That video doesnt show it that well, but on average people are dead stopped for a good 5 minutes at a time.

We put some big banners up advertising gutter cleaning along the fence. But I feel like I could be doing more to capitalize on this traffic. I had almost thought of putting shop kid Louis out there with a sandwich board and fliers.

Ideas anyone?

A chicken suit, maybe?

// Techno Chicken Dance - YouTube

yeah, like those kids that hold up signs at intersections that say “car wash” or the sign that says "going out of business"
way to use a situation for your advantage

I say a soothing little gift + special postcard offer for all these people, and have one of your friendliest guys/girls pass them out car to car while they’re stopped.

Perhaps a selection of little wrapped chocolates, and they can pick one, from a nice platter…[I](I know, I know, I love any promo idea that incorporates chocolate…)
“I’m sorry you have to put up with this brutal construction. Here’s something to make your life a little less stressful and put a smile on your face…and here’s a special coupon JUST for people like you that are stuck on route 94…”

Just as good would be little styrofoam cups of sort-of warm hot chocolate, instead. (not crazy hot but hot enough), and a big bowl of marshmallows to let people take one if they want to drop it in their hot chocolate

you and chocolate Kev! lol

I’ll whip something together for you if u want

You could hire some of those guys that stand on the corner and flip arrow shaped signs all over the place… I don’t know if you’ve ever seen them before but it’s pretty entertaining to watch, sometimes they drop the sign. They’re in D.C. all the time just throwing signs up and doin tricks with them. Anybody see these guys before?

You could put a huge sign up: -
“Road-works - don’t you hate 'em? This is our ‘home’ view on a regular basis! What’s your home view like? Ring 973 827 8311 while you wait in traffic for the perfect window clean.”

I like that… Plus, If you have good website ranking try: " It’s easy! Just google (enter city enter) window cleaning!"

Have a guy sit out there and clean there car windows and then give them a business card/flyer whatever. It’s that time of year here, where your car windows will look like crap from the weather. Everyone runs out of fluid very fast. Have your guy give them an old school NYC window swipe, don’t let him take any money/tips. Just make sure he gives the customers the flyer/specials.

BTW for the next ten minutes while they are driving with a nice clean window they will think of your company. Heck eveytime they look out their window for most of the day they will think of your company. When was the last time you saw a guy clean a car widow around here? It will make them think of your company everytime they look out that clean window for roughly 24 hours.

Ok so this is what we decided to go with:

Thanks for everyones help, we start tomm.

Nice job!

Very nice!


Sweet combination.

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Darn flix wagon. I Fix their wagon.

Bag with chocolate and candy with a special ribbon-attached note.

Louie update you flash settings.

mkay chris…

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