This simple product comes with every CANNONS pack -

1 x original jet,
1 x FAST CANNON (yellow)
1 x MID CANNON (orange)
1 x SLOW CANNON (red)

Connect to a Water source and RHINO-TUBE with Pushfit, and turn the water supply on to various ‘pressure’ settings.

Block any 3 of the 4 holes to see the performance of the remaining one.

Use this information to calculate your CONSTRUCTOR configuration.

All ex-factory CONSTRUCTOR are to be fitted with FAST CANNONS : 11 on a 12", 14 on a 16" etc.

See this video for the layout defined :

Available at WCR STORE in 2 weeks.

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Do I have to buy them I just got my beast brush yesterday.

There is always a cut-off - we haven’t packed any of these yet - they really just were delivered yesterday.

We expect to have them ‘in-store’ by November 30. In short, anything that triggers an order, paperwork, service, and delivery needs to be funded with a ‘sale’.

I will post more details later about the two options to upgrade.

Purchases over the next few days will have CANNONS '‘included separately’.

In 2-3 weeks, we will start having them factory-fitted.

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