Contacting Franchise owners

Well, I just landed a big account with at Burger King Franchise…at least 7 of their restaurants. But the way I actually landed the account was pretty cool!..It seems they are opening a Moe’s Southwest Grill in my area…I got a call from them today for a quote on cleaning the windows before their opening. I recognized the company name as being the owners of several Burger Kings in the State…so I jumped on it. I scored 6 BK’s for monthly service in my area and the Moe’s for bi-weekly service. Not a bad result from a call for a one time service!

Of course this motivated me…and now I am searching for the franchise owners of a bunch of area restaurants. I do plan to just walk in and ask for their Franchisee info…but do an of you know of an easier way? I tried Google searches, but I’m not having much luck.

Do any of you know of a way to just search for a Franchisee directory for a particular chain? I’m thinking just walking in and asking is the best approach.


See if the FDD is available online.

Or just walk in and talk to the manager. Probably less creepy.

Yeah…I’m thinking that Managers in some of those places might ave the decision making ability as well.

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