Contour Pro Handle & Ettore Super Channel

Well, The package came this evening from WCR with my Contour Pro + and an Ettore Super Channel.

I cut the 36" Super channel into an 18" and a 14". I also ordered some Unger plastic clips and was thrilled that they work like a charm in the Super Channels.

I messed around (cleaning windows on my house) with both the 14" and 18" Super Channels in the Contour Pro handle. I hated them at first but after a while I started liking them.

They are smooth and the handle has a pretty good feel to it. The Contour handle and Super Channels are a good bit heavier than my 18" and my Unger ErgoTec 14".

I still like the feel and much lighter weight of my Unger ErgoTec better than the bulky Contour/Super Channel.

The 18" Super Channel seems to work about as well as my 18" for fanning and actually I think it’s going to pole just fine too. If so I may retire my because the Soren rubber is just too expensive compared to regular Ettore rubber.

I was disappointed that my channel will fall out of the Contour handle with just a slight tug. I’ll get over this if I find out for sure that the Contour/Super Channel poles as well as my I really hope it does.

Keep practicing and it will feel even btter w/ time. Keep us informed!

I can fan with it just fine…no problems at all. It’s just that the Contour handle with the Super Channel is so heavy and bulky. That’s not going to change. I may adjust to it but it will still be heavy and bulky.

I’ll probably keep using My Unger Ergotec 14" for resi but hopefully switch to the Contour with 18" Super Channel if it poles as well as my 18" channel. I’ll know the score in a few days so I’ll let you know how it goes.

Try the Stutzy(sp?) swivel. I’m gona.

Nah, according to Mark (Tool Talk) the Stutzy is even heavier than the Ettore Contour Pro.

The twin cliping mechanism might be worth the extra weight. Just like every time someone says the little giant ladder is heavy. I say not for 18 ladders in one hand.

I think the Stutzy looks good and I have heard other good things about this handle. Like it fits alot of channels and its grip area is larger etc.

Besides it will probably only cost a couple of windows to add this to your utilliy belt so why not? If you dont like it you can chuck it. or send it to me.

He means the using the handle!

I’m sure the Stutzy is a nice handle and many will like it. I choose squeegees according to the features they offer. The Stutzy doesn’t accomodate wide body channels and it’s not light weight. Those two things rule it out for me. The twin clipping feature is of no interest to me. That would probably be very important if I did highrise work.

I’ve decided to just stick with the 18" channel and my ErgoTec 14" channel.

The contour handle is just not for me. The spring action is a neat idea but it just does not work with constantly even pressure. Like Mark (Tool Talk) I would just set the Contour handle in the 0 degree setting if the window was inset with a deep ledge.

As far as the Contour Pro 0 degree setting I prefer my Unger 0 degree swivel handle because the pivot point of the swivel mechanism is much closer to the channel so it just works better for me.

The contour (in the non 0 degree setting) fans just fine on glass without a deep ledge but I don’t like my hand being so far away from the channel. It causes extra strain on my wrist. The Contour handle is fairly comfortable as far as the grip goes but not as comfortable as my Unger ErgoTec. The Contour is a bit heavy and bulky too.

I was really disappointed with the Contour Pro handle for poling. It’s a big loser in this department.

I thought that I was going to be able to use the 18" Super Channel but I find it inferior in performance to my 18" channel for poling. I tried the Super Channel in the Contour handle and various other handles that I have and it did not close out well on upper panes…at least not as well as the channel.

I will say that if the Contour Pro handle and Super Channel was all I had for poling I could make it work but it certainly does not work as well as my channel.

The downside of the channel is that the only rubber I like to use with it is Soren made by Ettore and it’s a good bit more expensive than standard ettore rubber. But I’m willing to pay the extra expense to use the best tool for me.

I guess the Contour Pro is just one of those tools that some people love and some just don’t care for it at all. I had fun trying it out and it didn’t bust the bank. I just had to find out if there was something better than what I’ve been using. For me the Contour Pro handle and Super Channel are not better than what I’ve been using.

I’ve got $24.50 in the Contour Pro handle and $16.50 in the 36" Super Channel which is now cut into 18" and 14" channels. If anyone would like to buy them I’ll sell them (handle and both channels) for $20.00 plus shipping cost within the USA.

Well, for some people that’s the way it goes… sorry to hear about that.
As far as the closing out and it springing, there’s a trick I learned to get around that easily. For that I need to make a video to show. Mark called it “the moment of truth” :eek:

As far as pole work, I never ever use this on vertical pulls. Only on horizontal pulls…that’s why I carry an extra handle for tackling this. The pulex bucket has some clips to put an extra squeegee on the out side and that’s where my 22" on a ettore wide channel goes.

You can actually loosen the handle and lock it in 0º and fan on a pole, and yes is just like using a wagtail…which I use that the 0º and fan with it a lot.

I’ve heard this from so many Unger users. The problem is the conditioning that occurs (often called muscle memory) when we use certain products. If we start w/ one type of handle it’s often difficult to switch. Hey to each his own.

Hey Richard,

I’ll take those off your hands if you wanna meet up sometime. It would be cool to meet up for lunch some day anyway.

Are you planning on being in ATL?

Micah, since you’re so close I’ll just front them to ya and you can see if you like 'em or not.

Late last night I ran across an old handle that just may improve the closing out with poling upper frames with the 18" Super Channel. Ironically it’s a aluminum 2 screw fixed handle that has more of an open angle and clearance for the standard 2 inch (?) frames. I’d like to try this to see if I can use the 18" super Channel after all.

If I end up keeping the 18" Super Channel I’ll just give you the Contour Pro handle and the 14" Super Channel.

Yeah man…we got to meet up one day soon! I’m not sure if I’m going to make the Atlanta trip or not.

Are you still in Anderson or are you now living in Greenville?

Tony, I agree that muscle memory does come into play here. But I think personal preference is also a big factor.

When I first started cleaning windows I used Ettore squeegees but later on switched to strictly for a long time. Then I started using the Unger ErgoTec for residential and kept the Quick Silver 18" for commercial work.

I prefer the more open angle of the Unger squeegees. I actually use a plain ole Unger Pro stainless 2 screw fixed handle (modified backplate) with my 18" channel because I like the more open angle and the clearance of commercial frames when poling.

I never have liked the angle of the Ettore handles because they don’t close out as well as the Unger handles (for me).

I’m going to try one more handle with the 18" Ettore Super Channel. It’s the aluminum 2 screw fixed handle (from my junk box) that I just told Micah about. Hopefully it will work well and I can quit buying that expensive Soren rubber for the channel.

I don’t think there is a perfect tool that is best for everybody. What works well for one may not work so well for another. So it’s a good thing that we have all of these wonderful tools to choose from.

It’s fun to experiment with something a little different from time to time, but I like the tools I’ve been using the best.

Micah, PM me your mailing address and I’ll send you the Contour Pro 1012 (wide channel) handle and the 14" Ettore Super Channel (free of charge young man, yours to keep).

If the 18" channel doesn’t work out for me I’ll let you have it too.

But I’ll go ahead and send the Contour handle and the 14" Super channel.

Now that’s a deal! I sent you a PM with my address. I live in Anderson, but a lot of my work is in Greenville. Actually all of my work is north of Anderson and west of Greenville.

Will you be in Greenville or Anderson anytime soon? If you are, call me. I’ll buy you lunch, even a steak!

I was in Anderson this past Saturday night playing at “Burgandy Blues” on Main Street with the Electric City Blues Band. I’m sure we’ll be playing there again so I’ll let you know when I’m there or any other venue in the area.

I’d like to come up some time this season and check out your downstreaming system. I’m all X Jet M5 thus far. It will be great to hang with another window cleaner/pressure washer dude. I feel like the Lone Ranger sometimes even though there are other window cleaners here in town.

I’ll get the Contour Pro handle and the 14" Super Channel out in the mail probably Wednesday morning. I hope it is to your liking. I’ll be testing the 18" Super channel with the aluminum handle. If I end up not liking it you can have it too.

The contour Pro+ handle has been my number 1 choice of squeegee handles ever since I got used to the feel. I too was a big Unger ergotec user and found that it closed out better, especially for pole work but now I’m used to the Contour Pro+ and its nuances.

My second fav squeegee is the Unger 0°. This may seem redundant because I use the contour pro+ which can be set for 0° but here is what I do. I leave the Unger 0° swivel action fully loose so I can pole fan with it whenever needed. I set the swivel tension on the contour pro+ much tighter and when I need to do high side to side poling I flip it into 0° mode and it works like a dream. Great for when you have deep ledges and I like that technique over using a ledger. I’ll be doing a review on ledgers vrs 0° handles for deep sills, in the future.

BTW, I have the regular contour pro+ handle, not the one that supports the super channels. Also, I use Unger steel channels with it using modified clips. I find the Unger channels contribute to closing out better when vertical poling.

Mark, I use the Unger 0 degree swivel handle too and love it! I do the high poling side to side over ledges and straight ahead over shrubs or any other obstacles by using vertical pulls or pole fanning, whichever strikes me at the moment.

That’s interesting about the Unger channels with the Contour for vertical poling. Maybe I would have liked the regular Contour handle with Unger channels better than the 1012 Contour with the wide Super Channels.

I actually wanted the Contour handle for my 18" but the Contour 1012 handle would not hold the channel securely. The would just fall right out with the slightest tug.

I’m still auditioning the Ettore Super channel vs. the Quick Silver for both poling and fanning. I’m hoping that the Super Channel wins out. I should know within a week or two if it does.

If a big bad man came along and stole all of my squeegees but promised to leave me just one, I would choose the 0° swivel. There’s almost no window cleaning situation that a 0° can’t get you out of.:wink: