Contour Pro+

Bought one of these… LOVEIT!!! Wish they had something like this when I 1st started, it makes you learn the “touch” and the correct amount of “pressure” to apply to the glass :smiley:

Very true. You do have to learn to use just the correct amount of pressure. I just wish I could turn up the resistance a little more. Its an interesting tool to say the least.

ps. cool avatar. one of my favorite movies

Thanks, My Dad lives there and plays Sherrif Behan in the “wildbunch” re-emactment.

Over the years, I have seen a ton of “Newb” ( my son would say I wasnt cool unless I say Newb :wink: ) window cleaners ask why they are leaving marks on the glass, I personally believe it is always a correct pressure issue.
And at first I thought a tighter setting would be nice, till I started using it on the job, because as you finish out the glass, too much tension would cause too much pressure on the wrist, glass not mention a wicked snap-back.

Did I just say “wicked”? :cool:

// Contour Pro + Handle - YouTube

i wish i could turn up the resistance on mine too … although i hardly use mine, generally use it when i need the 0 degree for inside skylights using pole.

Im just the opposite.I like less tension as mentioned it surely makes you more conscience of your pressure & touch. I’ll say one thing deep sills & tight quarters are a breeze now;)

Throw a Steccone channel in there “DA BOMB”:smiley:

I’ ve had two of them. broke both. both times my fault. dropped them. once from the ladder and once missed my boab. wish you could order parts. but love them. going to get two more on my next order.

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Alex -
On the video, you forgot to mention that the Contour can be made into a zero degree by flipping the internal lever.

I did not know that. I think we are filming more videos next week as we are expecting a big order. I can redo the that one.

Thanks Karl

I ordered one from WCR just this week. I can’t wait to play around with it.

Already shipped should be there tomorrow when you get home from a hard day cleaning windows…

man, I love Tombstone

the ultimate guy flick

i bought it, 1st week out. hate it. i pole some windows, not too high and the pro sucks for that. if there was an option to lock the tension that would be SWEET!! but it doesn’t :frowning:

It dosure especially where pole work is concerned but…remember a “lighter touch” is needed when poling;)

I got mine with the same as Craig, a steccone channel. :smiley:

I quickly learned as Craig mentioned, when poling, a much lighter amount of pressure works best. Once you get that wired, no probs!!!

Most definitely Val Kilmer and Kurt Russel were real studs in that flick. :cool: