My name is Travis and im new to this forum, but Im wondering if anyone does any kind of contracts with customers, like contracts for their quarterly cleanings or anything like that. There may be a thread about it but I havent seen it so sorry to ask if it is already discussed somewhere! Ive done window cleaning for about 2 years but just as a part time thing, I am planning on expanding into full time with my pressure washing company. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

i think people use contracts because they aren’t confident in their work to speak for itself.

without exception the people who i’ve delt with who require contracts have all been in the bottom 50% of people i want to do business with

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Okay good to know! Thanks!

That is the most ridiculous statement ive seen here.


I worked in pest control for a few years (for someone else) and we had several people on quarterly services and they always had to sign a form upfront agreeing to keep it a year or have a $50 cancellation fee. I honestly just didnt know if thats something I should impliment in my own business, or maybe similar to that. Thanks for any advice!

Yes. Contracts are good. It also confirms revenue should you ever want to sell your business, get a personal loan loan, or get a business loan. All of our residential customers are under contract. (And some commercial chains) And yes, we charge a fee for early cancellation as well. We have never had someone not want to sign one.

When you are a certain level of professional, it is just expected.

Ps… i came from pest control too! I am an Operator for termite and fumigation.

it’s not ridiculous

Okay i was thinking so. Do you have any recommendations on where to find the best templates for the contracts or anything? And also off subject, I did alot of termite work, bed bug work, and just general pest control!

I just created my own from scratch in word and then digitized it so all contracts are filled out on Ipads. . I offer packages.

Thats awesome. I was a branch manager for a big company. So I’m familiar with GP, lawn, and termite. I use a very similar business model as tge pest control industry. In fact, its what inspired me contract design.

Awesome ill try to get some created like that! I appreciate the help!

Yup. Same here.

Might not be the same everywhere but the people usually under contract in my area hate their cleaner and switch to me. I just tell them I want to earn their business every time I come out.


If u join the wcr they have plenty of contract templates and tons of other useful documents, systems, etc…

Thanks! Ive been reading for days on here and pwra and I believe I am gonna join. Seems like to many benefits to not wanna be a part of it!

So if they are only a once a year customer, they have to sign a contract?

Yes. But most of our customers are more than once a yesr.

And would you really chase them down for 50 bucks if they decided they didn’t need you this year?

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Contracts are not too difficult to get if the price and service offered combine well for both sides. It is the enforcement of them that is the problem. Who wants to work for someone who would rather you weren’t there for whatever reason. Would you pay lawyers to make them continue using your services because the contract says they must??

In simple terms a contract requires 3 things: Offer (the bid), acceptance (the yes, please go ahead) and consideration (payment of money). Offer and acceptance can be verbal or as simple as an email or text. When any of the three are missing, there is no contract in the first place ot there is a breach of contract whereby either party can walk away or claim damages. Generally claiming damages will cost you more than you are owed in time, money or both.

Contracts are nore rarely used with solo operations and residential.

Commonly, contracts come into place on commercial properties, we’re the need for annual, semi annual, monthly, quarterly, etc. Also where liability may be a issue

Both Sides of the business transaction need Guarantees in writing basic protection. I need to know when I’m getting paid and for what services the customer wants to know what they’re paying for what services. Customer wants to Ensure my insurance requirements are up to their standards and are carried out through the term of the contract.

Many things change when you step out of a solo operation and deal with employees and accounts valued more than a few $100 at a time.

Many of my customers have departments that just deal with contracts for Contractors/ vendor’s who performe services for the company.


If they are annual we cross out tge 50$ “early cancellation” fee

And we dont use “contracts”… we use “agreements”.

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We also use service agreements with 98% of customers. Half of these customers we’ve been cleaning for 15 years or more. We are confident that our reputation does still speak for itself year after year.

If they don’t sign, I don’t guarantee the price, Months of cleaning or if I can get to them.