Cool Idea

I just thought this might help when deciding what area to hit with fliers, postcards, door-to-door, etc.

Using virtual earth, you can see what the houses look like, if they’re well kept or not, and how big they are. Then you can use to look up the addresses.

Hope you can use this. I thought it was a cool idea.

I’m quite sure that many of you do this already, but I use these tools to give the estimate/quote over the phone. Customers will call, I’ll try to drive by if I’m out close to their home, but if not, or if time is limited, I’ll look on to get an idea of their home. I can call them back within a few minutes to give them the bid. Be sure to use the “Birdseye View” and the available zoom on there to really look close.

Cool site my houe needs a paint job. Thank you

Step ahead of ya kid.

I use whitepages reverse lookup if I miss a call. Then I have all their information before getting them on the phone. Also Whitepages reverse lookup gives you the last four postal code. (Like 73044-[I][U]2865[/U][/I]) Which I think looks a bit more professional when I include this on their estimate cover letter that is personalized to them.

Don’t know why… just do.

John in your area I would stick with Jenks, BA, and Owasso.

AKA… the burbs.

Houses valued at $300,000 + and less than 20 years old.

Just a suggestion.

Thanks Louie.

That was my plan. I live in Broken Arrow (not in one of the $300,000 dollar houses :frowning: ) So that’s why i was going to focus on BA first.

Makes sense…

Then you can cut across the “Southern Hills” area of Tulsa and into Jenks.

T-town is Super Clickish. Which will work in your favor. Once you get a few happy customers you will get many a referral.

Best of luck… actually you don’t need luck. There are only 20 or so window cleaners in the book there. Probably another 20 that doesn’t use the book. In a city of 400,000.

Actually I think more than 400k especially if you shoot down to Bixby. Follow the money.

unfortunately that site does not show the birds eye view of my town. even google earth does not have updated satellite pics of my area that are high enough quality to tell the size of a home enough to quote a job.

i haven’t used the mapslive before…can’t wait to try that.
but i do use frequently. i recently used to get addresses of doctors/surgeons in my area. i mailed out about 50-55 letters, received 4 calls to schedule work which equalled to over $1500 worth of work. well worth my time, and pretty darn easy.
anyway…thanks for the suggestion. that’s why i’m here! i definitely need help!

Looks like less than $30 got you more than $1500. My quick math tells me that is really good return on investment. Nice job. I am doing that tomorrow.

yea it was great. the easiest money i ever made.
i put together this really cheesy letter, but it worked. i’d be glad to send it you. you can obviously tweek it. it was geared toward the holidays coming, but really not that hard to change up!
good luck!

I would love to see a copy of it, too, Robin.

Those are solid response numbers.

Can you email it to [email protected] ?

Or you can email it to Chris so he can upload it to the [URL=“”]Business Documents Section
and while you’re sharing you gain access to a lot of usefull documents submitted by other members of this forum.


Even better!

Just make sure we all know when it’s there. Sounds like it was written with a golden pen!

ok. i finally found it w/ chris’ help.
i did post this letter in the business downloads. it’s titled winter services, and was added on 12.7.08.