Cool, lightweight, safe ladder!

I ran across this from

The Hasegawa Tripod Ladder: See a Sturdy, Lightweight Ladder in Action (Video) - Homesteading and Livestock - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Platform Tripod Ladders | Hasegawa Ladders

I’m getting one!

I have seen many similar ladders used in orchards all around my home. Very handy for getting up into branches and such. I can’t see an application for window cleaners. Most of us will lean a ladder on the wall, window sill or gutter so an extension or sectional is best. If you want a free standing ladder, I would prefer a regular four legged step ladder. Not saying it wouldn’t work, but I’d bet OSHA might disapprove. I have no facts to back that up, just an opinion.

If your serious about window cleaning invest in a set of sectional ladders.

Woooooah… Don’t open that can of worms again!

Amen Mike…

Lock this thread, for being ‘off topic.’

WORMS have nothing to do with this conversation.

I just conceptualized a new ladder: worm-drive extension ladders. Brought it back into compliance! :smiley:

Looks like a fancy version of an orchard ladder. Great if you are planning on cleaning apples, but not a great application for windows.

Soup Dejour, that sounds goood… I’ll have THAT.

Sectional ladder??? What is a sectional ladder? Any good? The tripod ladder looks pretty cool but only for odd lower work.

Kidding.Wish I had one the other day. Went roof hopping. At about 200 a section I will have to hold off a bit. Maybe get one of the telescopic ladders and make a tapered tip for it. 15.5’ the highest I have seen. Can carry in car won’t need the van or truck.

That’s why they cal them “Piece” ladders… you buy them one piece at a time. :smiley:

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Is Dangerous Dave the real life Mario? It’s like sectional heaven for him. I know his favorite game anyway.