Cool little add on

I don’t remember the amount of water that is supposed to be able to go through filters before they are to be replaced. But I thought this hose attachment would be pretty cool. Keep a log of your water output and tds readings and you will really know when to change your filters.

Reach Higher Ground’s brass water meter (looks indestructible):

Hum lets see. $95.00 and I have to sweat it on? No thanks. No sure how many RO-DI systems you have seen larry but most do not have copper pipes so in order to put on one of those copper babies. You would have to sweat on some hose fittings. In looking at my machine I have no idea where I would even attempt to attach something like that. I have one of those in my basement attached to my incomming water. Those things are big, very big. If I stuck that off the output of my cart I’m sure it would be snapped off in no time.
I would rather buy 20 of those litter meters. The can snap on with quick connects with no problems. Most of the components on a ro/di system are plastic so I don’t see copper working well with it.

Quote " I would rather buy 20 of those litter meters. The can snap on with quick connects"

Do you have a link for those ?

Better wait to hear from Shawn before you write it off – he only sells what works well for WFP users.

I see the minimum flow rate is 1.6 GPM. What is your machine producing, assuming you are only running one pole at a time? I am only using a DI tank and run less than 1.6 GPM.

I did not see on Shawn’s site where it said the brass one has to be soldered on. Maybe it has fittings. I can’t tell from the small pic

Perhaps it’s as simple as connecting between the hose bib and hose. Let’s see what Shawn recommends.