Coolest Vehicle Contest

Coolest Truck / Vehicle Contest

Post up a few pics of your work van or truck… Coolest set up will win a aquadapter shipped free of charge. We will pick a winner in a couple of days. Please note this contest is also being held on the WCR Facebook group. The winning vehicle will also be featured in the next issue of Wcbo magazine.


Thats an awesome logo!

Thank you sir. I have better pics of the trailer finished if you want them


I’m vouching for [MENTION=362]buddyo[/MENTION]… Seriously jealous :slight_smile:

I like your ladder rack


System one… Love those… They have the best crank tie down set up built in.

I also love the system one racks. I am sure they will last longer than the vans. No parts to rust. My first one is 8 years old and I have had no problems except for faded black crank down straps that work just fine.

Yea I still have my first pair of them 12 years old… from our 2nd truck… the truck is long gone.

I want one. My new truck still has a crappy rack on it

I have pics of my setup in other threads but for the sake of keeping it simple, should I post in this thread?

I’m not even entering and I say give the award to @buddyo and be done with it. Never a cooler window cleaning rig there was and never will be…

Dude you have the best so no need to rub it in our face. :slight_smile:

The Dirt Hunter has my vote!

Heres the trailer

IMO it’s between dirt hunter and buddyo. I like the simplicity of dirt hunter but the other jumps out more aggressively at you.

I like the Dirt Hunter. Its simpler. Although the other one is amazing in its own right.

I think Hotinwash, Brennan, and Dejay’s vehicles should be in this list as well. All are professional and great looking rides.