Copy Cats

Just to be clear; NO one who is anyone carried the scrim. ( did)

Karlose sent Chris a scrim and a couple of us tried them.

A video was posted HERE at WCR and much dialog has happened since.

Chirs/Alex went to a PITA to find em

and now WE are using them.

Others (copy cats) read here and surely will begin to sell them

Chris, you guys put together a ‘package’ with the chamois and we will know how bad the guys who claim to dislike WCR are when they steal OUR idea and copy.

Make this a sticky today. Matt and I shot a video about this very topic.

Phil, relax or I’ll judo chop you in the neck ! :slight_smile:

:D[SIZE=“6”]Judo chop!!![/SIZE]

I blocked your Judo with

Scrimo :slight_smile:

ouch my neck :frowning:

// Sinister clip (judo chop) - YouTube

I now know where Austin Powers got it from…Uncle Freddie

Oh well, what are you going to do.

Make your offer original so the copy cats are transparent.

I order from to avoid brokerage charges but the selection just isn’t the same. Neither is the service. I can’t even phone anyone there or get a tracking number. I spent over 24 hours wondering if they even got my damn order because there was no conformation email and the way the order page ends… it just disappears. I had to leave messages then instead of phoning me they phoned UPS and told them to email me.

Plus I wanted one of those fricken spray bottle get ups like Mark the Window Cleaner and you don’t even sell them. The selection of wfp (if I ever really get into that0 is abysmal) I said Abysmal. That being said I did get everything I ordered in good condition…://rage quit.

edit: to be fair you guys sell leather chamois and they’re pretty good, a little thin but good. WCR doesn’t sell them or The Brush:P

We should have those brushes in stock in a week or so and the chamois soon…

Any time someone sees an item they perceive as popular or successful it is likely to be copied.

Nearly every item at RHG has been copied or a ‘like’ product offered as a result. RHG continues to be recognized as the leader and the imitations no longer bother us.

Thats good that it doesn’t bother you, I’ll browse over at the Network and it drives me mad every time I see the cba vp’s signature.

Something we have in common. :slight_smile:

uh what is a cba vp’s signature?

Jay and Tony are expressing their “mixed feelings” toward Jeff Klass.

I must be the only person who has no idea WTH y’all are talking about

“mixed feelings”?

Although this thread was started 2 years ago, by Phil who is not associated with WCR in anyway (but we love and miss him posting here) I agree with Shawn to a certain extent.

We are copied almost on a daily basis, my first reaction is always anger… but after literally just 30 - 40 seconds I am completely calm and am no longer bothered by it. We just try to push out fresh stuff daily to stay ahead of the rest…

Dude, you are killing it. Just keep doing what you do and keep your foot on the gas pedal. You are thinking so far ahead they cant even see you.

by the way, when are we gonna wrestle? i think your scared. yeah?

When I sense arrogance, ill will, and jealousy I don’t want a thing to do with that kind of company. That’s why I happily support, WCR and RHG and sadly miss pre-2010