Cost of insurance

whats up everybody, i hope i can get some help.
i was looking some quotes on insurance but i keep getting prices for $3400 yearly premium. is this right? thats kinda lot; right?
i’m located in westchester new york and i have a service agreement to sign on friday but the client want insurance and i told him i would have it ready. i’m looking to get a 500,000 policy. any idea would be thankful.:confused: the quote was from statefarm.

Find a broker. They are not associated with a particular company and can shop for the best rate for you. An example would be something named like westchester insuance or east end insurance. (not real companies, just example) I pay Around $700 through pekin. You can go to there web site and find a local broker in your area.

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Call Joe Walters just google him

My insurance is through The Hartford and I got a $1 mil policy. not sure but I think its about 500-600 yearly. my wife takes care of the bills so I am not 100% sure.