Does anyone have a Costco that they service? I have one that I’ve been servicing for about 3 years years now, but I’d like to pick your brain -if I may- concerning service contracts… Please, PM me and I will get back to you with my questions.


What do you want?

Ron, I sent you a private message… Thanks

Hey Lee! Good to see ya… Ive been wanting to get his one costco by us for a while. You just do the glass? What type of frequency if you dont mind me asking…

hope your well…

That my prices on service for the Sidewalks only not the docks or the fuel. I Pmed you the others…

Can you explain your estimate, Ron? What are the 7, 15, and 30 days?

Yes , thats it

Hey Chris… Good to see you too. Hoping I can get to the Cleaning Expo in SC. I sent you a private message on the other stuff. Hope to hear from you soon…


I re-read my question and I see it left a little to be desired. Can you tell me exactly what is meant by “7 days”?


That’s for concrete cleaning on a weekly, every two weeks, or monthly basis.


That’s what I thought, Ron. Just wanted to make sure. Thanks.