Could HomeAdvisor be hurting my Google Ranking?

I haven’t used the service for about a year (I’ve constantly called to turn leads off for 3 months at a time). I"ve been working on my seo, and HA keeps coming up pretty high when I do keyword search, I see them come up. I came across another contractor forum that said they may be using your name for web search at your expense. Wondering if anyone knows anything about this…

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Yea they likely are. But you probably cant do much about it. These type of services will eventually fall out of favor in Googles eye. But who knows how long it could take.

Most customers are likely searching for town name or zip code / window cleaning / window cleaner something like that.

Did you get a Google “My Business” account set up yet?


Yessir. I’ve been working on my website. I can’t get to the front page. Another window cleaner is front page, #1 and I would like to think that my website is (objectively) better, in terms of quality. Obviously I’m missing something that he’s doing right. I now have more google reviews (all 5 star), I’ve targeted my keywords. The only think I can think of is either websites like HA are taking traffic/ google placement from me, or I don’t have enough backlinks. He has a “Links” page linking to random businesses, even in other states, but I thought that Google penalized that now.

Time Maybe…


Didn’t know that was a factor… Thanks!

You probably don’t have your page indexed properly for google. Meta tags are big and proper coding is HUGE for google. Also it can take like 10 months for google to even reflect a change in your meta tags in your coding. Your page might look good and appealing to everyone, but google doesn’t care about how good it looks, but more about proper coding and if your website has different resolutions for mobile, etc.


Just checked out a few things about your company. Your homeadvisor page actually has your wrong website and leads to a dead webpage address. On homeadvisor get rid of the S on HTTPS:// and let the browser redirect properly or add www. after https://. Full URL or get rid of the S fixes that. A secure page will automatically redirect to it if needed.
I opened the coding of your webpage and found a few things right away hurting you.

-Your webpage for some reason instantly crashes my Adobe Dreamweaver - possible file problems?

-Web page is mobile friendly, but does not scale well with different resolutions. Not an easy fix, but also not a huge deal.

-BIG: You are missing meta tags for keywords. Google needs keyword meta tags because those are literally what controls google on keywords. Without it google has no idea what is on your web page. Don’t go too crazy here, no more than 10-15 keywords.
Some examples would be
meta name=“keywords” content=“window cleaning, gutter cleaning, window washing” >

After you change this stuff it can take a year for it to have any effect on google rankings.


Boordly- Thanks so much for reviewing all of this! I really do appreciate it. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

It is a Wix website, is that maybe why? I was planning on moving over to Wordpress, but heard the new updates may have been good for wix. Do you think this is still the case?

[quote=“bo0r4dl3y, post:7, topic:42976”]
-Web page is mobile friendly, but does not scale well with different resolutions. Not an easy fix, but also not a huge deal.[/quote]

Again, maybe a wix issue? I will look into this. Thank you.

Awesome. I thought I had put in meta tags so I will follow up on why they aren’t showing up.

Older post…but a few ways to help your google rankings

1.Go to and hire someone to do backlinks for you. ( I pay $30 a month for 30,000 backlinks)

2.Have content on your page. Even if you have to create a Blog, or article section. having 1500 + words on your website will help you a lot

  1. Search in google for window cleaners in your area…and see what google is seeing on their page and use similar keywords and descriptions on your site. Usually its going to pertain to your service and location. Change your home page- Page Title to your city and service.

  2. Go to Google Webmaster (google it) and input your website, from there it can be difficult to navigate but just do research. Big thing is uploading your sitemap into google webmaster, fetch your URLs and index them. By using google webmaster you can speed up the process of the changes. ( DO your backlinks, and content first though)

Watch youtube videos on how to use google webmaster. Learning how to use that tool will help you more then anything.

My website was on the 4th page in my area when search for the city and pressure washing/windows. In two weeks with using those things listed above i am now on the first page #2 company for the past few months.

Fiverr backlinks are a TERRIBLE idea, always

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@SqueegeeNinjaNJ Really? I am not an SEO expert, just learned on my own this past year how to get ranked in google. What sites or who do you recommend? I hire people with over 1,000 5 star ratings and they deliver 80% quality back links. It has helped me a tons.

Do you think doing your own back links but way less quantity through Pinetrest, Tumblr or weebly are more effective?

SEO now is 100% quality over quantity.

I would take one well thought out and placed backlink over a billion Fiverr links any day.