Countdown on Homepage

Maybe this was mentioned and I missed it. What is the reason for the countdown at the top of the homepage?

what count down?

On the homepage at the top is a countdown in days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

Yeah, I would like to know too.

Chris posted his diet, statistics & weight HERE & this is the countdown for him.

Wow, I’m gonna live til I’m 94!

Oh, nobody plan anything for Aug 7th 2062. That’s the day I die.

What time - think I have a dentists appointment :wink:

who is chris?

reminds me of the show 24, which I enjoy very much.

I checked mine under the pessimistic catagory and I kick off in 2023. Oh well I had a good run!:rolleyes:

What is 24?

Looks like I’m gonna kick it early.

ps. i don’t like 24 because of the commercials. they stink

well 24 doesn’t like you!

go to for TV shows and movies with few 15 commercials…I hate TV

whatever bro

Sunday August 15th 2027

Hmmm I think I may add on a few more days considering I still have about 10 lbs of thanksgiving dinner inside of me.
I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday.
Cris & Alex
Thanksgiving '09 dinner will be held at your place right? I’ll bring Seattle’s best coffee and brew.

Sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed from within the United States

left out again, how sad :frowning:


Sounds good. We’ll do it at the office.

With the increasing reliability of the net, I think I’m going to start planning around my death date of Nov 1, 2059.

They are probably gonna present something wickedly cool at the end of the countdown like autographed toliet bowl brushes. It’s gonna be somethin’ random:)