Cover and Estimate Sheets

This is a formal cover and estimate sheet that a customer would get. I have a estimate sheet that i use for my records. Some of the newer members might find it useful. I like it beacuse it looks professional and explains eveything to the customer and it also has most of the common add on’s that we get asked to do. I hope this can be helpful.

Click here to download

Click here to download

I see your another student of Steves…

I like the format and font you used on your letter.

What about the references sheet??

Louie, I use this estimate sheet for all my customers. I use these sheets all the time for a quick reference , they have all the information i need to get my invoice sheets ready. I store them in a to z divided folder by the customers last name. I also keep the estimates for the jobs that do not call back or were not ready for the window cleaning. I have had alot of customers call back a year later to have their windows cleaned and I have all their information at my finger tips and yes I am one of Steve’s discipals, between him and WCR I have all the resources that I needed