Creative input needed

I know is in the wrong forum … but is the one on top and with most traffic ( i guess)

My wife quit her job and she’s coming to work with me full-time, while doing that we’ve had a lot of request for people asking house cleaning services, so we decided to jump into that with a “separate” company … I have my database already with customers that “trust us” to get their windows cleaned, then I think it will be easier to sell them the other service.

We are desperately looking for a name … we have our own favorites but is hard to get to a final decision between the both of us, that’s why I’m asking for your input.

We’ve decided to go with House Cleaning instead of Maid or Housekeeper, no big difference to me but sounds better to me at least.

We live in TX in a town called Katy, and is already taken as a domain but not used a company name, at least we haven’t see it, need to check that at the courthouse.

OK, anything that comes in mind will help or ignite that spark of creativity that we’re needing so much now.

thanks guys

PS: Proper language needs to be used :slight_smile:

House Cleaning of Katy


C’mon guys, go grab a Red Bull and come back later :slight_smile:

j/k , thanks

What are your favorites? Start a poll and we’ll vote…

Katy Kleen
Katy Quik Kleen

…I don’t have red-bull, I have some Newcastle Brown?

Hey Karlos, that sounds good …

AHHH!!! that works too…

Hmmm… nothing comes to mind. There are a few mentioned that I like.
But, anything with “Katy” might be limited to just that city. Don’t you want to serve other areas or is Katy TX big enough to work in?

What about All County! Hahaha!:smiley:

I guess I mention this out of my own insecurities. “Jet City” is known for the Seattle/Everett area. I dream of broadening my service area one of these days where the name might not click with customers. I guess I can change the name when the time come if I have to.

Anyways, enough about me.

Start a poll!

Just wondering what you charge for housecleaning and what’s included. I had a housecleaning business for 5 years before taking over this Window Cleaning Empire! Housecleaning is tough!!!

My wife will be in charge of that, at the beggining she’ll be doing it herself with my “help” but since is something that cann fill up your week really fast, employees is something to start thinking right now.
As far as pricing goes is not like WC since you charge from $50 a week after the 1st deep cleaning, but is “safe” money week after week, and in the other hand WC’ing is more money more spaced in time (same customer)

Thanks for all the input and keep 'em coming

when you say ‘proper’…

My wife and I did the same thing for a little while late last year. We did really good with her house cleaning, and racked up on the window cleaning side too. I ran her business under mine as a subsidiary, but after she became pregnant in April, she started finding her replacements for the customers. She said that when number 3 got here, she didn’t want to clean houses anymore. Anyways…back to the thread thought…

I was gonna rename the business “All About Clean” after I felt like the housecleaning side was going to do well. I was then planning on adding other services like carpet cleaning, landscaping, etc. But I have since put all of that on hold and focused on wc’ing and (especially right now) holiday lighting.

I had some other ideas as well.

“White Titan Enterprises” …I drive a white titan…it’s original…I know your jealous, I see your envy.

Red Helmet Enterprises
Golden Triangle Property Maintanence
Nortex Services
Dentex Services
Care Clean

All of these are non-traditional names. Some of them are geographical, some are made up from things that are important to me.

Take a minute and put your last name on something. See how it looks. Use a old family name. If you want to be industry specific, use the words “Cleaning Services” after the name.

You sometimes hear people say start the name with an “A”. This is so the name will appear first in the phone book. I guess that is ok if you like it. Be creative. Let your silliness take over for a while.

Good Luck Carlos!

That might be the end… of everything ! :slight_smile:

Thanks Bert for your comment !
I see house cleaning and Wc’ing going hand bye hand, and can offer it to my WC customers, and when she get her own customers she can introduce my company to them.

There’s something though, that seems kind of tricky for me to figure it out now, but since you’ve been there already you can suggest something.

How to put the house cleaning side as a separate company but related to WC company ?
XXX House Cleaning Subsidiary of XXX Window Cleaning ?
XXX House Cleaning a XXX Window Cleaning Co. ?

Hope you get the idea of what I’m trying to achieve here.

I’m gonna have to go to North TX to learn a thing or two in the near future I guess :slight_smile:

BTW, check your website Bert, I’m seeing some issues with your graphics on the header