Credit Check Required

So the salesman is going to bid a large project today and they told him the last companies to bid on the project couldn’t pass the credit check…

Weird any one ever here of this?

No. Never heard of that, why would you need good credit to do a job?

Maybe they meant background check or they were referring to the other company as not being bonded, licensed, or properly insured…

The woman I met with couldn’t even explain it to me clearly. The credit check had something to do with us getting paid by this sub-contractor. Oh well, it was a large property at West Point Academy. The home is the main residence to the general in charge of the base. It apparantly also serves as the guest house for president’s while staying on base. She actually ended up irritated but it was at her own fault. She explained on the phone that she had about 50 regular storms. Well it turned out to be close to 100 windows, all with storm windows and all ranging from 4 over 4’s, 6 over 6, 8 over 8 and 12 over 12. Long story short, she’s in a crunch to have this done by the opening of Army football season as the general will be arriving for that, she was hoping we could do it tomorrow or Friday, and then expects another cleaning in six months time. They are looking for a bi-annual cleaning and have an annual budget of $2500.00. Our estimate came to $2,501.50 for just one cleaning. Slightly over budget. We aren’t going to cut a price in half to meet someones budget requirements but are trying to work something out with her right now. They apparantly had someone lined up that couldn’t pass this credit check and also turned out to be uninsured.

If anything it was a nice trip up to West Point today and got to see the interior of this beautiful old home. Lots of cool military relics in their, old paintings, swords and guns from army officers from many years ago, just all cool stuff especially if you enjoy history as I do. Real neat all in all. We’ll see what comes of this.

Poor credit may indicate an issue with an individual or a company For example, someone with poor credit and financial issues may pose a risk to a business due possible theft, embezzlement, etc.

Many employers require a credit check of applicants.