Crew Audits

Is any one doing random quality checks on their employees? I want to do this from time to time this year so that quality stays up. what do some of you do when work is done unsatisfactorly?


first thing I have my office staff do is call the client a day or two after the job is done to check on the quality and if they were happy with the service. This then gives us an oppertunity to sell some of our other services.

I also do random checks. I will just show up on a job site, talk with the client and check the work that is being done.

When we do have a complaint I will either check it myself or depending on what it is or I will just send the guy back to fix it. even the best of us can leave a streak on a hot window or miss one on a stormy day. In the event that it is really serious I will go to the job with the washer and correct the issue. show him what is wrong, how he screwed it up and what needs to be done to fix it.

I pay off commision so all my employees know that if they botch a job they will be going back to fix it or they don’t get paid for it. washing windows for free is not fun the second time so they really work to get it right the first time.

I pay commission too. I have more issues in the gutter cleaning department than with windows. A huge percentage of the call backs I get are due to clogged downspouts the guys didnt check & clean. I also have issues with tiny leaves left behind on cleanings in the gutter. Im hoping random audits will keep everyone in check. It is embarrassing to me and the company to redo a gutter cleaning and the downspout is 2 foot full of solid debris and the customer is standing right there watching. I ALWAYS emphasize that our work is guaranteed if they have any concerns, call us back. I want the guys to be more accountable for their work- Commission= Equals great pay. I should get great quality. Thanks for the input.


I forgot to mention that window sills not getting wiped down are a big issue too. It drives me crazy…

That is something that my guys didn’t do the best either. I constantly had to remind that they needed to wipe the sills/frames at the bottom of the window.

I’d like to make some sort of a review for my new employees. Make it a form that they see on a regular basis.

I have decided that I am not going to pay based on commission anymore. I have done the commission thing, the hourly thing, and the mixed hourly/commission thing. All of them have their flaws. My new hires are going to be paid hourly with a monthly performance bonus.

BUt back to the quality review: One thing that I did recently was to add a quality inspection to the invoices for storefront customers. Unfortunately they just got here Friday so the old guys that are no longer with me never got to use it.

I hope I’m not sounding like I’m bragging, but we never get callbacks. My employees have been cleaning windows for decades, and they are pretty conciencous. So I don’t check on their work. Except for new guys).

Oh, please do yourself a favor and check up on them. They will notice that you are checking. If they question it, just tell them that you are performing a quality control process that measures their pay against their work. As long as they don’t get decreases in pay, their work is fine.

The customers will appreciate the courtesy.

no joke, even if you don’t have problems they will arrise with the lack of checking. It goes a long way with the customer as well. I’m not saying I have a ton of problems but I like to think my “checking in on them” helps with that. I think out of the past 6 months we have had 2 complaints with 16 washers. of those complaints one missed window and one job with 3 streaks. still, I like to call and make sure everything was done satisfactory for the customer. it’s funny cause some don’t even want to say anything bad even if the job was bad. I once had an employee telling the customer that streaks are going to happen no matter how good you are and to just wipe them off with a dry towel. canned! every washer can get bad habbits if you don’t look in on them now and then, and the bad part is that one washer can teach another their bad habits. the bigger the crew the more you have to baby sit.

I get a handful of call backs a year. Thats about all. When I cleaned windows on my own, I got 1 call back in the 7 years of being solo- I left a storm window up just slightly that created a little draft. My guys know the jobs and what I expect from them. We do a ton of residentials every year with an occassional call back because something was missed or a screen didnt get put back in all the way.

The most common is a blown seal that a customer thinks that we missed because it looks like total hell. One of the main reasons I want to do these random audits is because I want to step up the quality and stay on top of it in this tough economy. Quality will as it always has, kept us busy.

Out of quality- Out of business.