Crimsafe screens

So i have to deal with these screens all the time i thought that they were only here in Australia, but it seems they have migrated.
I am just wondering if anyone else has had to clean these before and whats your preferred method.
Security Screens, Hurricane Protection, Insect Screen and Solar Shading from Crimsafe

I come across them about once a week. PITA, because I cant get a drill bit to remove them, like I do with other security screens. Really dirty ones get the special ‘screen magic’, otherwise soap n soft brush, and a warning to the owner that it wont look like new. Never forget the ‘but…’

I will say that stuff is pretty groovy though :stuck_out_tongue:

yea a lot of the security screens here are just riveted in place, made the mistake before of offering to drill out the rivets and re rivet.
I find more often than not i need to find a way to clean the screen without removing it, most times i use a broom head to vigorously dust and then wipe over with a washer then wipe down with a microfiber. If i have a lot of them I just hose them after i mop them up.