Critique my door hanger

Let me know your thoughts.
If I like it I may change it, if I don’t, we’ll all laugh together. :wink:

Looks good! If you were handsome like me I’d suggest adding a picture of your face…

Imo it’s too busy and there’s too much detail, but no hook. The words “residential” and “commercial” stand out immediately, but your company name and logo don’t. My eye doesn’t get drawn in to read anymore and immediately dismisses it as advertising i don’t feel like reading. I think it should specialize more, i.e., make it only for residential. It needs more consistent alignment throughout.

I hope that didn’t come across as harsh, just my honest observations for what it’s worth.


Here’s a few sites that helped me learn the principles of design when i made my door hangers:

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I always try to observe with other peoples eyes.

Actually this is less words than my last doorhanger and I would get comments about it being professional looking and the reason they kept it to call me later.

I believe it serves as surrogate to me not being there in person to cover what my services offer. When folks get home and find it on their door there is no one breathing down their neck to read-absorb-think quick-decide.

With the addition of the pictures I have remove several words.

I could reduce the size of the Residential and Commercial headers.

Edit: Other thing is it is only 3 1/2" x 8 1/2".

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The other thing is that I do not want to get caught up in discount servicing. I do offer that, but only after first clean and full commitment to full clean.

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Yeah if it makes you feel better I’ve laid out many hundreds of door hangers without any “deal” other than my services and contact info. Still get plenty of calls.


just got our for gutter cleaning

Its all about making your presence known.

YES! See? My only deal I offer is quarterly discount on full in out clean after the first clean.

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If what you have done in the past is working, stick to it. I used to run a small discount… $30 off your first cleaning when I mailed to certain subdivisions. It worked really well. Once I found what worked for me, I ran with it!

Door hanger looks great.
Keep up the great work Garry!

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