Here in rainy florida, gutters are really rather rae. Go fiugre.

BUT where there are gutters…often there are no trees above to fill them with gunk.

I am curious if the ‘whitening’ service is marketable as a stand-alone business?

We have found that semi difficult. Majority of our whitening projects come VIA upsell from our p washers.


Marketing aesthetics (whiter! brighter!) versus function (free-flowing gutters) to the correct target audience is the key.

You can market it as a stand alone. However the black streaks on gutters are mainly a result of Asphalt shingles. Do people use asphalt shingles down there on their roofs.


Then its totally marketable to those people, although Gutter Zap has a ton of other uses besides just gutter whitening.

I’d like to think that any solvable problem can be marketable. As long as people with the problem also have a disposable income.

I recently sent out postcards to all of our customers to let them know about:
gutter cleaning
gutter whitening
rain flow

I had a guy call me today regarding an estimate we gave him for Rain Flow in July,135 linear feet to be installed $1080.00. He wants that done and then he asked about the gutter whitening. I explained it to him told him its $2.75 per ft. $371.25. He said yeah just to that too while your here. - this guy obviously has diposable income!!!