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So I did a customer’s inside windows a few days ago and I asked if they were satisfied and they said the windows look “crest”. What does that mean? I looked up the definition and the word pertains to feathers. lol.

It is also the highest point of a wave, the crest of the wave.
Is the customer a surfer?

Probably a typo lol crest when they meant great, letters are close on the keyboard

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We don’t settle for less than crest around here

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No she was an older lady.

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Examples of crest in a Sentence

Noun at that point the filmmaker was at the crest of his critical acclaim, which included winning an Oscar

^^^ this would be my guess. Only two letters different between “crest” and “great”, and the letters are close on the keyboard


You guys are reading too much into this.

Just call the customer back up and be like “Hello customers name, I was just wondering, last time I spoke with you, you mentioned the windows looked crest. What did you mean by that?”

That’s what I would do. I’m not into the guessing game of wondering if he meant to say crest, great, or crap. Just ask him

Old ladies surf too…

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