Customer Credit/Debit Purchases

We’ve been taking checks only from our customers and we usually have a small accounts recievables(customer delay in paying). I know it will get worse as the summer comes around because of the # of people we’ll service.

I’m getting set up with the debit/credit card system so customers can pay sooner and perhaps they may be willing to purchase more since they can use credit.

My question for you guys that have a credit card system in place. When do you charge/or take your customers credit card #?
Is it when when we schedule the job?
Is it immediately after the job? (crew leader take #)
Is it right before the job? (crew leader take #)
Does the crew leader have the customer call it in?
Do you do it another time?

I just wanted to see what the best and most efficient way to do this.

We take credit cards but rarely do we get people wanting to use it. When we do we will call it in at the end of the job. We give them the option if they want to call or us. I normally call our office and then hand the phone over to the client and then get the phone back when the info is passed on. Never really thought of the best way to do this. We average about 2 credit card transactions a year. All the rest pay in cash or check.

hey tkirk, I looked into accepting credit cards about 9 mo ago and there is a wireless system, just like a cell phone. Your crew leader can carry it with him and take the payment when the job is done.

The guys name is Jacob Nolan Im sure he can give you all the details about it if you are interested.

Main: 800.655.8767 Ext.2104
Direct: 510.771.2104
Email: [email protected]

Cell phones can do this, its neat…swipe it and done! Another way is i manually swipe it in a sliding machine type of thing…then enter it in at the end of day in my electronic machine. The company i worked four i dealt with around 20 transactions a week(about a third of what i do in a week)…so basically about 35% of all sales for the year were credit card transactions.

Thanks for the input!!
I had one guy said we could get the card # ,go home, and key it in on a credit card certified website.

I receive quite a few cc/debit cards. I try to collect payment same day of service. If nobody is going to be home, I try to have a cc # on file.
Im thinking about getting a hand held device. Right now I type in number through Quick Books Merchant Services.

if they pay late…fire that cusomter.

Does anyone offwer incentives if they pay on the spot or if they pay cash/check? CC transactions cost money thus the reason why im asking the question.

I never have. It’s always been cash or check with me. i hate taking CC just for the fact that they charge so much. i would tell the client if you want to use your card it will cost x amount extra and then the check book comes out.