Customer Factor Down

Is the customer factor down right now for everyone else to? The app won’t work nor the web version. I emailed Steve but we’ve got a couple crews waiting to get going and I have no clue where to send them…

Yeah it’s been down (web and android app) since at least 09:30 BST (UK).

A forced day off for me…lol

We’ve got multiple trucks waiting to leave. I’m not gonna be able to use it anymore if this can happen.

Just got into my office… ugh… luckily we have customer factor synced to our Google Calendars

This can happen to any cloud based system…

Using google sync is a smart move @Kyle


our entire operation runs off CF. Scheduling, Invoices, Customer Information, etc. We started backing it up every month this year

When I had Service CEO online they once went down for several days. It was a nightmare.

CF is back online… backup your files people


i can happen with ANY web app it has happened with kickserv and qbo for me

Thats a stressful way to start your morning, You might want to look into a additional way of accessing information, something like what Kyle does.

like the saying goes…“never put all your eggs in one basket”

hope the rest of the day goes better!

This is one big “con” that people don’t like to talk about, moving over to an all mobile system. When the server it sits on, goes down, so do you.

Not only do I write down appointments in a flip note book, they are also on my calendar. ATT and Verizon both, here, have hiccups in data services.

I call it my “log book.”

I have everything sync to google calendar but I have my log book always handy just in case, because these kinda issues do and will happen.

I heard way to many horror story.

and i’m kinda old school to! :sunglasses:

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We are sorry to hear that your program stopped working! Just so you know, you can switch over all of your job history and customer information to HouseCall Pro if you use QBO. You also get 20% off for life!

Ask any of our pros who have been using our system for years, and they have never experienced this issue with our system. We would be happy to provide you with a more reliable way to run your business!

lol @HouseCallPro with the shameless plug


What is his the first time his ever happened with TCF ?

Been on board for 3 years now I’ve never seen this

I wouldn’t switch from the customer factor to house call. TCF offers a lot more useable features. May not be as pretty but its more functional. Just learned my lesson this morning that I need to back up my customer base and schedule.


HouseCall Pro functions properly for our pros nearly 100% of the time (except when we update our system every 2 weeks or so).

What features do you think we are lacking that your system offers?

Dignity !!


Ouch! Lol!

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Its always a good idea to have a back up. Happy your back up and running!