Customer Factor issue/problem

Im trying to resolve this issue, ive called but i think they are closed. I will call again tomorrow, but when i want something done i want it done yesterday. Heres my problem, please tell me that there is a way on commercial clients to set up a alternating in/out one time and next time to do out only for scheduling. Help me out.

EX if i so sallys for $30 in/out i want it to say in 2 weeks to do just out for $15

Create two separate job, one in out, one out only and make them recurring for whenever you want

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Wow, im a idiot, inever thought about that HAHA…thanks… Your my Hero.

Check with Steve tomorrow, there may be a better way to do it

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You should check out half the price less complicated

That’s how I do it too Larry. Works great!

Just wanted to mention that my experience with the Customer Factor has been great. Steve (the owner) called me this past Sunday and spent nearly an hour on the phone with me walking me through some new features I have began to use like email, etc. …Just continue to call back if you need assistance and Steve will help you. He has always given incredible customer service. Have a a great day…Matthew