Customer Factor

got it figured out, thanks!

call steve. hes cool like that.

you have to click under existing customers, not new customers…

got it…I like it…

Ok , This looks like the newest thread for TCF software. I have just signed up for it. i am just playing around with it right now. I would like to get the opinion of the PPl WHO use it. What do u like? Dislike? just trying to figure everything out . I know i can call Steve with questions. I am just looking for opinions at the moment. :cool:

What opinions do you have so far as a new user? What are your likes and dislikes so far?

[CENTER][FONT=“System”][SIZE=“4”][B]The Customer Factor Rocks![/B][/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER]

Granted… this is just my opinion and I have nothing else to compare it too. (Other than my own combo of excel and word docs that totally sucked.)

The reminders and call back system has made me [SIZE=“4”][B]alot[/B][/SIZE] of money I would have missed out on or totally forgotten with my unorganized self.

It is similiar to GoldMine if you have any experience with that. Yet totally designed for the window guys of the world.

[I][SIZE=“1”]I am not one of Steves Cronies, he is not my guru. He is a great guy and has assisted me greatly, even though I did not buy his biz package. I am not seeking brownie points by posting my recommendation nor any other type of compensation. If it didn’t pay for itself. I would not write this. [/SIZE][/I]

I like it better then a white board :smiley:

Of course you do…you are Latino.


the same white board I floated here on…

Holy cow…that aint what I meant man. sorry.

I meant you like it better than anyting ‘white’ since you are brown.

Insert my foot in my mouth.

yeah, whatever man. just because I floated here doesn’t mean I don’t have right…essay:D

I downloaded the CF in preparation to switch from CEO to CF. It looks like a good basic program to use. I am still nervous about the online aspect since my bank’s online banking system was just down for 3 days due to server problems.

Is there any way to guard against that with CF? I know that you can make a back up, but what good is a backup if the program is inaccessible?

Can you do the backups to your own machine, so you always have your data?

Can you export it as a CSV file or anything like that?

I don’t see that option.

It says it is a cf_db.sql file

if so, what is that?

CSV is like excel… It would list out all your fields…

SQL is a server and or database file… If it does SQL server you may be able to import you service ceo data right in…

Service CEO uses a .scb file, are they compatible?

Im not sure… You and I have discussed how difficult it can be to pry your data out of CEO.

That’s what has me concerned. Have you seen or used the CF?

No I havent… Ive been meaning to try and get an evaluation copy. It sounds pretty good to me… But I would like to get hands on it…