Customer just asked if I can match this DEAL

Emailed me said him and his wife loved our services. They want to get the windows done at the end of this month, but they stumbled on this deal and are wondering if I can match the price.
I’m pretty sure it’s his wife, not him.

I don’t know how you can clean 35 windows in/out for 49.99 and make a profit.
Actually it’s less because LS takes 50% plus %5 Credit Card/transfer fees.
So $22.29 for 35 windows inside and outside!

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I told him to call and ask for the total…cuz they will end up charging him extra for miles outside their work radius, screens, tracks, sliding doors, and tax all that too.

That’s pritty insultung , but I would just tell them to give them a try , an if they don’t work out I would still be here for you , an I will be here for the next 20 years, but if I charge those prices I won’t be


FYI, I charge $145, $20 off quarterly clean.

72¢ per window per side?! Guess if you fell like giving away the job for nothing more than gas money in order to get your name out there, then what can you do.

If the customer is a business owner or manager they have to realize the whole profits in business scenario.

Let them know that you will clean their windows next time they are ready, but you can’t work for essentially what amounts to a half a tank of gas.

If they want the deal then why are they calling you? There’s a reason. They know it’s too good to be true and they want a real window cleaner to do real work for hack prices.

Be courteous but don’t budge.


I wouldn’t respond costs more than $49 for a response

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I’d tell them I’ll go in half with them if I can be there to watch. I’m honestly curious what a 49.99 Earl shives window cleaning looks like.


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I’d tell them your price is $145.00 but for a limited time only because your rates are going up soon.

I wouldn’t match that price. But I wouldn’t rule out matching other prices in the future.

People like to feel like they are getting a deal, so times its ok to wiggle a little bit on the price. Maybe its been slow and you need the cash flow. Maybe you have some employees that you need to keep busy. Who knows.

I think sometimes its ok.

We would always add a little bit extra in to leave room to shave something off. Mainly to make the “sport negotiators” feel like they are winning. People like to win.


Now that made me smile!


Like everybody is saying stick to your prices. I had a customer the other day try to get me down. Saying the other company was way less all that. And I was like that’s fine I’ve got this spot available today you wait a day or two it will be at least another two weeks out sometimes a month before I have another spot. I told her I know how long it really takes and I have to make a certain amount for my time. So do you want the spot?

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Here is the deals with hagglers. It’s what they do. You have a choice you can work with them if you’d like with in reason , or tell them thanks , but no thanks

The guys that are saying thanks , but no thanks. I’m presuming have been in the business for a number of years ther schedules are filled already with the dollar amounts they desire. Which is great

My thing is I’m not quite there yet, so if it comes down to a measly 25-45 dollars off the top of what I’m asking that is nothing., an like Chris said if your prices are at a good range there should be a little room.

Just gave an estimate for 545. The guy goes can you do it for 500 , an the job is yours . I said ya what day is good for you I’m booked through the first week of August , so it would have to be 2nd week of August

Guide them to your slow period

The person in question with the OP. Is just being silly , an I would let him know that in a roundabout way. Let him know you get what you pay for , so give it a try if you would like. Good luck man
I mean a 145.00. Come on an your looking for cheaper . Send him on his way.


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I would respond "I think the question a consumer should be asking is can they match my price? What I mean by that is if you consider that the qualified window cleaner would take 4 hours to properly clean 30 windows inside and out. So if you take their price of $49.00 that means your paying them a little $12.00per hr to clean the windows. Now when you consider that they have to give half of that to the ad company that means they are making $6.00 per hr to clean your windows. Now consider that they have to pay for gas and equipment as well as other expenses. So if we are being generous that leaves them with $5.00 and hr. And that’s if their doing the job themselves and not paying employees. Since we know they are in business to make money, or they wouldn’t be in business, they have to spend less time at your house in order to increase the amount of money they are making per hr. The only way to do that is to cut corners and not do as through of a job.

My point is you asked me if I can match their price and maybe I could if I was to cut corners and not do a thorough job but that’s not what I want to do. I have my pricing set to where I can come out and do a thorough job cleaning all the components of your windows (window opening, glass, screens, tracks and sills) and take my time to care for your interior home and landscaping that I will be working around all with an excellent attitude while providing quality customer service. My goal is not to slam out your job so in order to make money. My goal is to do an excellent job and provide you with professional quality service so you will continue to use my service and want to tell your friends and neighbors about me.

So my original question was can they do the incredible job I am going to do for the price I am offering? That’s the question I would encourage you to consider. "


Good advice everyone…my post was more of a rant than anything else…I got annoyed when I read his email.

I’ve done his house 3 times this past year…it’s a single story home, with about 20 windows from what I can remember. I give him a $15 off “customer loyalty” discount and $10 off "quarterly clean discount. He was one of my first customers when I started my business last year, so for him to ask me to give him $100 off threw me off.


Hi Dan,

Ok, I may be missing something, but for 20 windows, the deal price would be $99.99 and not $49.99? That would put a slightly different complexion on the request.

Just thinking out loud, perhaps your customer is coming to you with this request as the merchant is swamped with voucher holders and can’t fit him in when he wants?

No, he asked if I could match THEIR $49.99 price FOR my service.

So basically " hey you’ve done my house before for $150, but I found this Groupon deal, can you match their price of $49.99?"